Out There, an Adventure of Space Exploration Cared to Detail

It is becoming increasingly clear that games for mobile devices do not have to be games simple and crude, but they can be complete games made for the most demanding gamers. This is the game Out There, who knows perfectly exploit the medium in which it is located.

Within a few years the human race will attempt to colonize the rest of the solar system and send a series of colonizers to terraform other planets. If, however, the ship in which we were traveling ourselves out of her course and we find ourselves at an unknown location.

Our goal is to explore space in search of a way to return to our planet. To do this we will have to explore the various solar systems in search of other planets that we can get both resources and answers to the reason why we have lost.

The game is heavily inspired by the classic books to choose our own adventure, but applied to an adventure game where we will have to measure to the nearest millimetre the resources we consume and those who collect. The game will be launched on February 27 but a pre-purchase on the page of the game can be made through the Humble Bundle shop panel.