Our Site Rider in the Test

Fortunately we had to wait for Sun and 35 degrees in Germany, to take a first look at the new rider: Our site kindly invited to a trip to Italy – on delicious Suzuki travel athletes with pre-assembled rider Navis.

On the sunny, twisty roads of in South Tyrol’s can be just the best tested. So the Navis are also heard – they spark their announcements via Bluetooth – Schuberth the High end helmet C3 Pro with built-in stereo Bluetooth headset contributed “SRC-System”.

The current rider (EIA: 400 euros) marked the fifth generation of the series since 2006. With its 4.3-inch display, he moves up to the size standard in the car – the predecessor had to do with 3.5 inch. The increase improves control and readability, but provides on one or the other motorbike for space problems.

A sun visor protects against light. Generally, the display is readable even in direct sunlight – we have experienced quite different at other motorcycle Navis.

The enclosed RAM-mount bracket is stable and can be placed so that it fits. The lock for the navigation system works with contacts and a special locking mechanism: you can easily remove the rider and re-connect.

Stable mount

Finally, there is a power cable that is permanently associated with the mount and is connected directly to the circuit. Here is some tinkering gefragt-or if one consults the workshop of his choice.

A USB charger for home is on board. Who wants to use the rider in the car, needs the “Premium Pack” with bracket, charger, theft lock and pocket – costs around 500 euro (RRP). For a Bluetooth headset, you should set aside money, as the rider just like a speaker has a normal Jack for standard headphones.

Long and very individual routes plan best comfortably at home on the computer with the software “tyre” and then transfers them to the navigation system. Who gives up his target on the rider, must live with the first route or bring patience, because the Navi unfortunately shows all possible and reasonable routes not quick overview. Instead it needs to be separately calculate each routing alternative the rider – which may take. And even then he displays only the just computed route. Who must practice who eventually want to go back to a previously calculated route, serenity.

Bikers, especially on curves fun out, have it better: you choose the route profile “crookedest route” and let slide their knees on the tarmac.

Well audible announcements

On our test drive, the rider chose a meaningful route from Germany to Italy and dutifully warned of toll roads. Locally, there were a few surprises – about a trip to a non-existent gas station or the proposal to take a dirt road instead of an asphalt road. Announcements late granted in exceptional cases and fork as a result missed a bit tarnished the good image. The route recalculation could go faster also.

But overall we experienced that Our site usual high quality: clear view – with Lane – and significant announcements. The latter were well audible in stereo over the Schuberth C3 Pro, which together with the Our site also serves as a fully hands-free system. Very convenient: you can call easily points of interest or help services (emergency, breakdown) about the rider.

Rain? No problem!

The Our site Rider is waterproof to IPX-7 Standard. Pouring rain? No problem for the riders, as we were able to notice this year in detail.

The rider is basically designed for the operation with gloves, and almost everything works then also fine – even while driving. For example, the volume control or calling the quick selection menu, which is freely available. It provides access to points of interest such as the nearest gas station or on the route planning. The target input via the keyboard works as far as well, should be operated only in the stand.

To mention are also the “Free Lifetime Maps”, where “Lifetime” means the lifetime of the device and not that of the owner. However, our site supports his devices a really long time – powered our site’s first go in 2004 for example still with new software and maps.