Oracle Achieves Its Appeal: Google Will Face a Retrial for The Android Java API

Very bad news for Google, Android and all developers of software in general. The Court of appeals of United States of the Circuit Federal Washington He has cancelled the sentence a judge stating that the Java API was not subject to copyright, dismissing the demand of Oracle against Android.

Now, two years later, they have accepted the appeal presented by Oracle After seeing how Google won trial, declaring the Court of appeal that Oracle has every right to protect copyrighted by certain parts of the Java programming language despite the fact that it is free, which means that it will be a new trial against Google to calculate damages and compensation that should be paid to Oracle, and more than safe appeal of Google to the Supreme Court.

Google already was sentenced in a first trial two years ago for violating the rights of author of Java, in particular by the structure, sequence and organization of 37 present in Android Java APIs, but at a second trial judge William Alsup stated that the JAVA API was not subject to copyright, invalidating the previous sentence.

Now would the situation of two years ago, with Google condemned for violating copyright of Oracle, in which missing celebrate the judgement to calculate compensation to Oracle, because at the time the jury is did not agree if Google had made a “fair use” of the Java API that would make that their use would be permissible and that it did not have to pay for that violation..