Oppo Find 7 Could Be Presented Next March 19

Oppo kids never tire of add fuel to the fire, and if they already leaked several teaser and information on your new Oppo Find 7, now want to play with the date of which will be your most advanced smartphone.

So, has been the own Oppo who has posted on her profile of Weibo, a social network china, two uploaded images of numbers as an enigma that, according to Oppo Insider, we know When and where will be presented the Find 7.

Is not very difficult to discover that the date of filing of the new Oppo terminal will be delayed from the Mobile World Congress until March 19, 2014, although the enigma of Oppo is not here, because the other numbers also contain information.

The “798” doesn’t tell us much here, although they indicate the source that it is the current name of the art district of Beijing, where would be the presentation, while the other 7 we would report the event time.

Recap, Oppo will show to the world its Find 7 March 19 to 7 o’clock in Beijing, Although it is clear that our markets it will still take a few weeks more to come.

If you do not remember it, it is rumored that it will feature a Super Display 5.5 2.0 screen inches and resolution QHD, accompanied by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset of last generation, 3 GB of RAM and camera MEMS to delight us in the photographic section. Little more than one month left to confirm all these details about one of the most interesting terminals of 2014, to come to our markets at a price around $600.