Opel Adam Navigation System

The new Opel Adam wants to poach in the realms of mini and Fiat 500 and inspire young people with Smartphone connectivity. Working it out?

With the Adam Opel brought a refreshing and relaxed car on the market. The designated mini and Fiat 500 competitor brings a smile in the face – for example with the LED starry sky installed in the test car and the color adjustable interior lighting many viewers with its successful design and the loving details.

The design options that take a proud eight pages in the fee list show that stand, engines and chassis in their purchasing decisions no longer in the forefront. Even without a sophisticated Infotainment system, nothing goes in the young buyers.

And also here at the Adam Opel has something special on sale: the on-board computer system IntelliLink for only 300 euro. As one of the first systems of Opel, it comes not with the usual keys desert, therefore, but with a large 7-inch touchscreen and is gorgeous with Android and Apple smartphones.

Selected apps can be controlled remotely on both platforms on the big screen – along with touch and customized interface. And in practice, it is actually hard to feel that the app on your Smartphone is running and not to the IntelliLink system itself.

Navi-app: The beginning is made

Opel not relies on a standard as Mirrorlink, not every app for use with IntelliLink is suitable – apps selected only by the Opel work. That are at the beginning of the navigation software “Get go” – consequently no navigation feature is built – into the IntelliLink system otherwise and the Web radio app “Stitcher”.

Since the latter lists only a few podcasts on German, but no local radio station, we have focused on the navigation – more apps are in preparation and should soon follow.

That will bring up to date in this country completely unknown app go comes from a Korean manufacturer and should gradually except for Opel also at other GM brands are used – which also explains why the Opel chose not an established Navi app such as NAVIGON and Our site.

Bring go cannot be loaded first for a Euro 30-day version from the app store and must be unlocked then for 50 or 60 Euro permanently, including traffic reports for a year, and the more expensive version with map updates.

We had to find only which of the two options brings which features, at Opel, since was not possible until finally the connection from within the app in the app store – not the only slip of the Korean navigation.

Operation: All very nice colorful

Otherwise everything smoothly in the Opel runs Adam but at first glance: when first connected to the cable, the iPhone must be unlocked be and display the home screen, so it can connect the Intelli Link system.

Then, for example the passenger can use iPhone entirely normal for other purposes; could you run even a second Navi app parallel – it no longer creates the system parallel to charge the iPhone. Android, the whole works wirelessly and just as fortunately without any problems.

As mentioned running go bring pleasing liquid on the large Board monitor, the representation is razor sharp and when operating the it shows touch screen not a bit that you have to do it with an app on your Smartphone.

Here the engineers have done an impressive job. The card works with the many details, their little tree and the sky on the horizon although very playful, but still clear and fresh.

The app is always full screen mode – a split mode with radio information is not possible. Who is in the music menu, must rely on the language issue.

In rare cases, calls blocked the screen, so that you could no longer return to the navigation – this is a case for a software update. The menus are pretty classic, there is much typing and to configure the speed limit display up to the warning on shrinking gasoline stocks; also some features not supported by Adam the app appear.

Software: The finishing touches is missing

And other little things stand out: translation error as the time of arrival in the American format, long radio interruptions at the navigation announcements and announcements like “Turn right in Tubingen” among the tasks for the next software update.

Also warned us against a non-existent tunnel the system and led us around cumbersome to a supposedly locked Street – this would have happened with the mentioned established Navis.

The hands-free kit runs classic Bluetooth connection and convinced with good sound and clearer understanding completely. Streaming is also possible. Only the sensor buttons below the monitor, unfortunately not really encountered in each case immediately require getting used to.

Conclusion: Makes you want more

Total agree the basic requirements perfectly: the system calculates three routes to choose from and runs satisfactorily provided is at least not safety-critical error in the test.

We found although no convincing reasons, which take to use go app without the Adam Opel, the competitors are to ponder. However, the interaction with the IntelliLink system, the attractive price and the future possibilities of the Smartphone connection make absolutely.

Because these aspects are becoming increasingly important, the decision could fall quite in favour of Adam Opel. However, the error should be corrected quickly.