Now Vodafone Will Also Subsidize Phones to New Clients If You Have More Lines and Increases Discount Rate

Now nothing seems definitive. Since two months Movistar dara risky step to stop subsidizing mobile, the widespread perception of users is that operators no longer “ give ” phones but the reality seems to indicate that bids to attract new customers will also remain in a timely manner with subsidies to existing customers who have continued to exist from the first day.

The first to make a exception to continue giving away mobile to new customers It was Movistar launched an offer to attract customers of Orange and now Vodafone update the conditions of their new business model.

Vodafone will offer mobile from 0 euros to all if already a customer with another line

It is an offer valid from today may 2 to capture other operators through portability or high new lines available for users with 12 or more months old a contract line Vodafone either voice, mobile Internet, Vodafone at home / ADSL.

A new way of encouraging that the families have all their lines under a same operator getting not only advantages in rates if not from now, also better conditions for change mobile if firms stay of 24 months in tarifa. These conditions are limited to a maximum of 5 lines per customer and does not perform a change of holder in the first 12 months after the activation of the service.

As an example we leave some of the available prices next to the new Samsung Galaxy Advance that comes as a new the month of may.

If you have any problems viewing the prices, you can also consult them from here.

Vodafone apply 20% discount rate if you do not want mobile subsidized

Far from expected, Vodafone business model change not brought with it a reduction in rates when they do not subsidize a terminal if not even reduced them and went from a 25% discount in March to 15% in April.

May also renew their service conditions Sizes for less (SIM ONLY) which now passes to apply a 20% discount on the fee rates by size 12 month so if you are a customer without permanence as new high, portability or migration. Discount always linked to a firm of stay of 12 months in the operator (no fee).

The rates are in the following way: