Nokia XL, Also Flavored with 5 Inch

In addition to Nokia X and X +, at the Mobile World Congress has unveiled the Nokia XL, the other Android phone that the manufacturer has led to the fair of Barcelona.

It’s a terminal that stretches up to 5 inches, although the specifications are maintained in an input line that have to try what such negotiates with Android.

Nokia XL, one inch more, please

As ahead of it is practically the same phone, only with a slightly larger screen and, obviously, dimensions that grow considerably. 141.3 x 77.7 mm will be its plant, with 10.8 mm thick make it one device somewhat less fine than is desirable, but not passed.

5-inch screen is the same resolution WVGA (800 x 480 pixels), which sinks the point density up to 187, significantly worse than his brothers. The technology chosen is also the same, IPS LCD.

Inside, we see the same Qualcomm chipset. A Dual Core Snapdragon 1 GHz, accompanied by the 768 MB of RAM that we see in the X +, 4 GB of internal storage and slot for microSD which comes preloaded with a 4 GB card from the box.

The battery included with this model is 2,000 MAH, with which Nokia promises hours of speaking on 3G and up to 26 days of waiting on the same network. Nokia XL is also Dual SIM.

In the section on camera, this model will incorporate two, one of 5 megapixels with autofocus on the back, with LED flash, and another front in 2 megapixels.

‘Your Android applications shuttle’

Nokia has chosen this phrase to promote its X line, distancing himself from promoting Google’s operating system as such. And it is that Nokia has developed its own fork of Android, so in principle lack of Google applications and services.

It is based on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) for which in principle such a lot of RAM in both models should not be a problem, although we will have to wait and see how yields with less than one giga.

If one gets scared of Android applications support (remember that, being a fork, it should be done), Nokia brings syringes some applications such as Vine, Opera, Blackberry Messenger, Viber, Facebook, Skype, Fruit Ninja, Tetris or Monopoly. They aren’t too many but it will have to wait to see what offer on its applications store and detailed compatibility.

Finally, Nokia promotes Here Maps and Nokia MixRadio, including three phones presented exclusive services. In addition, confirm compatibility OneDrive and

Nokia XL, availability and price

Nokia plans to launch this Nokia XL towards the middle of the second quarter of the year. This is why we can expect Nokia XL around the month of may or June, to a price from 109 EUR before taxes. It will come in the same colors (green, black, white, yellow, blue and red) but rather less alive than on the Nokia X and X +.