Nokia Lumia 925 in the Test

In the test the Nokia Lumia 925 despite greater facilities is significantly slimmer than its predecessor.

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With the Lumia 925 for 599 euros, Nokia presents a new top Smartphone that significantly more manageable than the depth and weight of 140 grams with a 9 mm predecessor Lumia 920.

Visually a lot has happened. Instead of the manufactured from one-piece, shiny and pop-colored poly carbonate housing a consisting of four elements, matt anodized aluminium frame now surrounds the display.

The back is still made of polycarbonate, which is now fine and napped on the grip. The design looks classier than the more boldly designed Lumia 920, but the HTC One here still sets the standard.

Small differences

Nokia saw obviously little incentive to rebuild the facilities of the 920 completely. Only option for contactless and Inductive charging fell the diet treatment to the victims, but this option can be retrofitted for probably about 30 euro.

Processor, memory and wireless standards have proven themselves and remained therefore unchanged – in any case, almost.

Came the 920 with 32 gigabytes of Flash memory, so there is the 925 with 32 GB being exclusively at Vodafone; other providers have the 16 GB version of connect tested in the program. These are approximately 12.5 GB available, what is more than enough for many potential buyers.

But because the Nokia as a camera, music player or offline navigation makes a good figure, already the desire can arise for demanding users to load via memory card. This is not about but unfortunately, as a micro-SD slot is missing.

Display: Strong OLED display

The new display, which has 4.5 inch pixels as convincing with its predecessor 1280 x 768, deserves praise but now instead of IPS TFT-is executed in OLED technology. This brings foxier colors at wider viewing angles and equal contrast range.

While it provides enough light even in bright sunlight to remain readable – other OLED indicators weaken in the summer often. Because OLED displays black screen use no electricity, it is even possible to see the time without excessive consumption even when device is off the Lumia 925.

The camera: A highlight

Already the Carl-Zeiss camera of Lumia 920 was a highlight. Her image stabiliser integrated well into the 925 Lumia makes it possible to capture plenty of light through long exposures in darkened surroundings. Built-in flashes only close objects, reach the high sensitivity will benefit even further removed.

In practical use, the camera of the Lumia 925 with a subjective yet higher yield of good images convinced. The calculation of so-called smart cam features for recording of movements or to the joining together of the best faces in a group photo but takes time.

Laboratory measurements: Endurance, Funk and acoustic

So, the endurance with less than six hours in typical operation, with talk times from six and a half hours in the GSM network is very good. At the radio brings a small disadvantage in the UMTS network allegedly the new antenna configuration – compared with 920. In the GSM network, which is still something important for mobility during the phone call, 925 and 920 are, however, almost par Lumia.

In terms of acoustics, the new Lumia gives an advantage; particularly the Suppression of ambient noise has improved. This is when many Smartphones for road noise at a high level, but the new Lumia convinced in the pub noise. So will come with any other smartphone for the call from lively atmosphere so much of a hearing with the new Nokia.

Conclusion: New top model

Sure thing: the Lumia 925 is better than the Lumia 920 and replaces it as a Nokia Flagship.