Nokia Could Present Normandy during This Month under The Name of Nokia X

We carry quite some time talking about the Nokia Normandy, the terminal which Nokia He had been preparing with the Android operating system, being the first throwing after focusing on Windows Phone. There were some signs of its veracity, even appeared in the web shop of Viet Nam, resulting in fact that would have access to Google Play and why you would use Android.

Increasingly are clear indications that make us think that it is a reality and not just an illusion, although there are source that contradict what you were viewing. It is true that it would have the Android operating system, but according to the information provided by the Wall Street Journal, would not count with the services of Google and would depend on the services of Nokia maps, mail and even app store.

In terms of specifications, there would be too many developments in relation to what was previously already leaked: four-inch screen with WVGA resolution, a SoC Snapdragon with dual-core, a memory of 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of storage and can expand via a card microSD and versions support Dual SIM, without neglecting the polycarbonate with a wide selection of colors as Nokia.

What that change would be the name of the terminal, which would be called Nokia X. There are many doubts about why use Android already property of Microsoft, but Engadget bet it is the best solution when it comes to launch more affordable phones that compete with other range medium and let Windows Phone to compete in the high end against the iPhone and the Galaxy.

It is very similar to what has already Amazon with the Kindle, taking advantage of Android and limiting it to only work with their services. Many doubts will be resolved soon, with many possibilities to make an announcement in the Mobile World Congress He will attend later this month. We will see if this soap opera is finally finished and what is this experiment.