Nintendo Denies It Will Offer Mini-Games on Smartphones

This morning the most interesting rumor was that Nintendo launch a series of products to smartphones and tablets to thus promote their products in a more complete way, not only with the consoles. The News ran like wildfire, and although Nintendo does not usually be given to confirm or deny rumors, this time they have had to skip to step to silence them.

In a statement to the international media have tried to clarify the position of Nintendo about these rumors, clarifying that its business model are the consoles and have never intended to make games for mobile. They have even confirmed that it’s been years now saying in repeated interviews to the press and that it has not changed anything.

The Nikkei article contains information that Mr Iwata already said at previous conferences, including all statements related to the will of Nintendo to use smart devices to promote our products.
Even so, in those same conferences Mr Iwata already said that it is not the intention of Nintendo to make software as such for smart devices, therefore we can confirm that there are no plans to offer mini-games for smartphones

Nintendo will definitely not do mini-games designed for smartphone without offering demos on these devices. It remains to be seen in what translates that will use smartphones to promote their franchises, but it seems that we will have to wait enough to see the results.