Neyo. Hats And You Are Great

After I took over your estimated attention at the weekend overloaded and you ellenlange texts (however, I must mention at the place, I had tried to summarize myself short ;-)), I make it today times briefly… very briefly… not to say without a word… almost… I can not quite do without it-I am a student.

 In addition, there is something to announce: the crowdfundingprojekt of neyo. Has expired on Sunday ♥ and I ask for a drum vortex: you have reached the funding threshold of 50,000 euros and you are not innocent… In the end it was even: 53,258 euros-how cool is that?

Neyo. You’re Great

Because I required your attention for seeking a long time at the weekend, giving you incredibly long texts to read (though I must mention at this stage did I tried to keep them short ;-)), today I’m going to keep it short… very short… ..not exactly wordless … but almost… it’s not possible to do it without any words… not for me, the old chatterbox. Besides, there’s something to announce: The crowd funding project from neyo. You have reached the limit of Euro 50,000 and you are not inculpable…. In fact at the end it was Euro 53,258… that’s really cool, is not it?

Neyo. Has Done It And You Are So

I thank you for it-I am very glad that so many people together support this great project and the knitters in Nepal can be first employed.. I write here again and again about sustainability and neyo. ♥ I finally had the feeling to really help. Also, if my share is only a small one… But with many small steps, one can also run far. I thank you in any case very much for this, your share… YOURSELF !!!!!


Thank you for doing that-I’m really happy. I often write about sustainability and here with neyo. I got a lot of fun. Even if my portion is just a small one-but with lots of small steps, one can really walk far. Thank you very much for your participation…. YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!

Knitwear By All Saints

So-now is the end-more is really not to say today. There is only one piece of my shopping yield from the Styleoutlet Zweibrücken ♥ to admire… You know all Saints and so … The knitted dress can be worn, of course, also only with pantyhose-but I was after Lederhose… and after my new shoes… the But are not from the outlet but from the WWW… and simply gorgeous comfort, despite the height.And now I just have to laugh broken… for nen wordless post I wrote really quite a lot…. Have a nice week my most dear readers….

Knitted Dress From All Saints

So – that ‘s enough said-there’ s really nothing else to say today. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, you’ll be sure to find the perfect t-shirt for you My new shoes… however, they are not from the outlet but from the web…. And really comfortable. And now I have to go to a place where I want to go.