Next Step: Training Of Swimming With Material

Raises The Challenge: Swimming With Material Training

The autumn is very advanced and the preseason also. If you are one of those who have already finished with her, it means you are on the right track and you must continue on an ongoing basis. I propose one step further, start doing a training of swimming with material to improve different aspects according to your level and goals for this season.

Commit4Fitness will introduce the products more defendants in our stores emphasizing objective fulfilled within the training, so will be easier your choice!

Short Or Long Fins?


Highly recommended for all those that you are starting in this sport. With these fins you will realize a muscular and cardiac work. Also, you swim faster, so you can improve technical aspects in terms of exercises of the undercarriage.

In general, at first hard enough having a constant in asymmetrical styles (crawl and backstroke) whipped, as well as keep the legs in a horizontal position (are often sinking). Improve buoyancy and help to make a more constant flapping fins.

Long Fins

The difference with short fins is the applied force, thus increasing the distance to the axis of rotation the torque increases. Therefore, the intensity of the work in the applied musculature is also higher.


It is important to have some domain on swim technique if we are to take a practice alone, since using this type of material on a regular basis with an unintended technical movement can cause injury.

If it is the first time that you use this type of material, I suggest you start with the small shovels, with them you will work the upper part of the body in a softer way.

Front Tuba

It is important to them that you are starting for those who wear long swimming. Help to improve breathing, working the abdominal part and improve technical aspects, since you can focus on paying attention to certain movements under water “forgetting you” movement that should be done if you respirases normally, especially in the crawl style.

I hope that you go slowly achieving your goals and the possible use of this material to help you in your progress. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that may arise in this respect. Encourage the training of swimming with material!

Luck with the season!