New Renew without Permanence of Vodafone

Vodafone still outlining his system to facilitate the renewal of the phone that following the introduction of its new business model, had left no choice to those who want to change mobile phone but still have permanence current operator.

The new one Renew no permanence It would replace the forgotten points program without permnanencia as an alternative for all lines of users with a minimum of 12 months old in contract, wanting a smartphone without permanence in Exchange for 1 point.

The prices they will be the same as those which are available for new high or portability with the first line, No grant or permanence but with the possibility of financing without interest and reduce it by delivering mobile used.

Available to current customers who do not wish to stay or having it, you have been without mobile for theft, loss or breakage and need a new one, or you simply want to renovate the facilities proposed by Vodafone.

So at least, finally attempting to meet the needs of a type of officially forgotten until now users since they were marginalized by offering unique possibility, a prepaid wireless buy an alternative. Another option to consider for those who do not have a phone replacement or to make use of a services that are chained up or simply considered necessary.