New Rayban Sunglasses

As an absolute fan & collector of RayBan sunglasses, I am in the summer, always looking for new great models. The classic Wayfarer models in black or brown-tiger are the top sellers, but I was looking for something more unusual…

I then found the Mister Spex online shop. There was a model that I had never known before, “RayBan Justin“. The special feature of this model is the color gradient, from blue to white (there are also more colors).

The delivery was as usual quite fast, after two days the sunglasses were there. Safely packaged, designed with air cushions, my new baby reached me in the same color, original case, including glasses cleaning cloth. -So, everything is as it should be! -Even the cheap price surprised me, I have paid for my last RayBan nevertheless despite favorable course in the US about 116 EUR.

These glasses, made from high-quality plastic, may look a bit unusual at first, but just in combination with a denim-dominated outfit, the glasses are absolute eye-catchers. For example, if you are wearing a jeans jacket, a casual shirt and washed-out jeans, you can miss out on this look with these sunglasses. -People can be watched as they risk a second and third view!

Unlike the other colored sunglasses, the material is very matt and does not shine. This is significantly higher than the cheaper imitations. -Even if the glasses could not be used so often, it is one of my absolute favorite pieces this year! You will surely find them in one or the other “Outfit of the Day”!