New P2 Assortment Autumn 2013 // Three New Mascaras In Comparison

At the p2 bloggerevent, we were also introduced to the many new Mascaras, which will be available from September on the p2 counter. There will be so many new Mascaras that even a small Mascara Guide has been created, which will be available in the counter. There the special features of the new Mascaras are presented so that everyone can find the right for their needs.Today I would like to take a closer look at three of these new Mascaras.

All three Mascaras, which I would like to compare today, have in my view an innovative product feature. For example, the volume mascara has an extraordinary brush, the tube mascara can be easily removed with warm water and the 2 To Perfection Mascara has a great brush for the lower eyelash wreath.

Note: I have used the eyelashes on the photos twice for the comparison. With several times the result of course is even more intense, but I wanted to show the Mascaras under the same conditions.

The Starting Material

My eyelashes are very thin and short and unfortunately have a few gaps. Without an eyelash, they are as good as invisible. Especially at the lower eyelash wreath I often have problems with the ink, since the brushes are too big for the short, thin eyelashes and I quickly get a Mascara patzer. A cotton swab is therefore always ready to hand on my dressing table.

The results of the mascara comparison are therefore to be evaluated with regard to this starting material. With someone with long and/or full eyelashes the results certainly look completely different.

Better Than Ever Tube Mascara

This Says P2:

“An all-in-one mascara that has never been this way! Definition, lengthening and intense volume is their mission: Tiny, delicate “tubes” lend themselves to every eyelash and provide an eye-catching hypnotic eye-contact! Practical: Simply put water-impregnated cotton pads on the eye, let them work briefly and peel off the fine mascara tubes from the eyelashes-without any make-up remover!”

Contents / Price: 10ml for 4.25

My Opinion:

The consistency of the tube mascara is relatively fluid, but the effect is really nice. The lashes are deep black and optically compressed and extended by the plastic brush. When the ink is applied several times, the eyelashes stick. Due to the liquid consistency I get especially at the lower eyelash ring quickly times a mistake. But this is certainly as mentioned above on my short and thin eyelashes. Make-up removal with warm water works really well and an eye make-up remover is not necessary. Even if the mascara is easy to clean off with warm water, so it stays good all day without smearing.

+ Volume and optical extension of eyelashes

+ Easy make-up removal with warm water

– liquid consistency

Spectacular Volume Mascara

This Says P2:

“Spectacular volume is not created by chance! Pusht the eyelash volume, contains moisture-binding phytokeratin and makes every look to the Flirtwaffe!”

Contents / Price: 12 ml for 3.45 €

My Opinion:

The curved S-shaped brush is at first somewhat unusual, but you get used to it quickly.Especially for the upper eyelashes I find the form class, for the lower eyelashes I have the rotation unfortunately not yet properly out. There were fast times. The consistency is good, not too fluid, but also not lumpy. The eyelashes can be tinted several times without gluing them. In the photos I applied two layers, but you can easily wash more, which makes the effect then even more intense. As is typical for a volume eyelash tush, this mainly brings volume and no appreciable optical lengthening of the eyelashes.

+ Even if several times ink sticking of the eyelashes

+ Brings volume

+ Curved brush is optimal for the upper eyelashes

– no optical extension of eyelashes

– for the lower lashes, the curved brush is somewhat impractical

2 To Perfection Mascara

This Says P2:
“It takes 2 to be perfect. The styling mascara on one side ensures a perfect finish of the upper eyelashes – the lower eyelashes are optimally defined by the use of the precision brush on the other side.”

Content / Price: 5ml + 7ml for 4,95 €

My Opinion:

The consistency is not too fluid and the mascara can be applied without a scratch. The styling mascara for the upper eyelashes has a tapering brush and lends volume and length. The eyelashes can be used more often for a more intense effect, but they glue something. I am particularly impressed by the small precision brush for the lower lashes. I had written to you above that I often have problems with patzern, because my eyelashes are very short and thin. The small brush is suitable for this because you can catch the short eyelashes well and precisely blush.

+ Precision brush for the lower eyelashes
+ Volume and length
– can stick the eyelashes several times with the ink

My Conclusion

So far, there is no p2 mascara in my daily application managed (for this I find the Lashbase the better!). I like these three mascaras very well. Over time, I will show up, which I will take more regularly.
The Spectacular Volume Mascara is very uncomplicated in applying the upper eyelashes and brings a lot of volume. But you have to do so several times, but this is possible without problems, since they do not glue the eyelashes. The result is very natural, so I can imagine it good for everyday life (assuming I can still figure out how to brush the lower eyelashes without problems with the curving brush).
The Better Than ever tube mascara I have used so far most frequently, because I like the effect well and it can remove itself without eye make-up remover. So I can imagine them well for travel, because you can then save the eye make-up remover in your luggage.
My current favorite, however, is the 2 To Perfection Mascara because it gives the upper eyelashes both volume and length with the styling brush, and I can also effortlessly brush my short and thin lower eyelashes with the precision brush.