New Event of HTC a La The Corner, What You’Ll Have to Teach Us?

Or three months have passed since HTC made official its latest flagship, the HTC Ultra, and the company already has announced today via his official Facebook account an event the next will take place March 20 (within five days) and he does not know is nothing more.

As we say, it is unknown what will be the product in lathe which rotates this spring event, but most expected is is the successor of the HTC 10, HTC 11, He was already rumored would be presented after the MWC and that would reach the market in the second half of this year.

11 HTC?

And what can we expect in the event that really arises the new HTC 11? So many are actually the specifications to you have leaked about the new flagship of the company. On the one hand, the President of the company, Chang Chia-Lin, said that the new terminal would have the latest Qualcomm chips, so it is presumed that the 11 HTC would come with a Snapdragon 835 accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 256 internal memory in its bowels.

In addition to this, it speaks of a 5.5 inch Panel with resolution QHD, a dual 12-megapixel camera and a battery of 3,700 mAh fast charge system. Good performance without a doubt, but let’s see if this time do not they exceed price as usually.

HTC Ocean notice?

Another possibility being considered, is that the signature Korean does not present the successor of HTC but the previously mentioned HTC Ocean Note, which could be the new terminal from HTC without headphone jack and that rumored could replace HTC 11 as flagship of the company.

All this is speculation and at the moment, we don’t have but wait for Monday 20 March in order to know what they really have manufacturer prepared for us. And you, what do you think that it will show us HTC in its impending event?