New Daily Rate Integrated Voice, Messages and Data Roaming in Vodafone Europe

About to enter into force roaming rates by default that are imposed from Europe, these will come accompanied by new alternatives that will try to make more attractive using our smart phones when we travel outside Spain as already disclosed Movistar and today announces Vodafone.

The rates to speak and surf opened their borders and Vodafone Launches the first rate daily integrated of voice, messages and data roaming through Europe which will be available from June 30 to card and contract customers.

For a fee of 4 euro/day you pay only the days make use of mobile, integrated rate includes 20 minutes call sent or received (with free establishment), 20 SMS and 20 MB data.

Limits which, according to Vodafone, covers the needs of consumption in Spain located in 12 minutes, 2 SMS and 6 MB per day for You can use the phone when travelling without changing your habits predicting the cost and you can save up to 3 euros a day regarding the Eurotariff.

Excess voice and data in case that one day will need to be billed according to the Eurotariff by default or as per Passport if you had enabled previously.

An alternative for the more intensive users who speak and surf zone 1 (includes EU, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and now also) Albania and Turkey) that are relegated to the Vodafone Passport to a second flat European where is only interesting for those who only speak or only sail when traveling.

The integrated tariff can be activated from Spain or from abroad * 143 # and call button with the difference that only contract users have to activate it once and the prepaid have to request it every day who want to make use of the rate.