Netatmo Welcome Home Camera with Face Recognition

Netatmo Welcome is much more than a surveillance camera, it has a facial recognition system. For the young French start-up, it is not only an object bound to ensure safety, it is also and above all a way to track movements within the home. We tested it, here are our impressions!

The ally of your home

Netatmo the camera allows to follow the inputs and outputs of your family members using GPS function if activated on their smartphone. Note that the camera sees as a missing person she has not seen the face for some time (the length is also configurable). These functions are very useful and reassuring when you care whether your kids are tucked in while you’re still at work for example. When it does not recognize a face, it records the time it was detected and it will notify you via Netatmo Welcome application on your smartphone, so you can view recorded video and see who it is. You can also observe what happens to you in near real time from the outside (eg your office), you just need an internet connection.

Netatmo Welcome Home Camera with Face Recognition

Netatmo provides his camera with a micro SD card and a power cable adapters with two different sockets (a European standards and American standards). According to Securitypology, there is also a mini-USB / USB cable and Ethernet cable to connect the camera to your internet box directly, bypassing the Wi-Fi.

It can also detect if one of your alarms occur and automatically record what happens in your home, you will be notified to see what happens. For this, you should check that the camera microphone is activated.

A design that does not work

Netatmo the camera remains in the trend of connected objects dedicated home with his design work and pleasing to theeye, it has no difficulty integrating into a room. Color champagne, finish in aluminum and form cylindrical make this item a modern design element in its own right in the house.

Easy to set up!

As stated on the box, it is best to put the camera at the entrance of the house, where there will be the most possible passages, near an electrical outlet in a well lit area and not to cross day to ease facial recognition. Personally, I could not put it at the entrance, so I placed in the living room against the back wall, which gave him an overall field of vision on the part (which is a real place of passage ).

About pairing the camera with my smartphone and the creation of Netatmo account, I found the process very simple, fast and effective. You must first connect the camera via the supplied power cord, and then install the application Netatmo Welcome to your phone (apps available on Google Play and iOS. Unfortunately the application was not developed on Windows Phone .

Then simply follow the instructions of the app on your smartphone Welcome. If you can not, Netatmo also proposes to proceed with the configuration of your camera from the Internet with your computer. After the match, you must name the camera and its location (house, for example).

The first recognized faces

For the camera to become familiar with the faces of your family, you just leave it on, she films continuously and when a family member passes, it detects a face. So you immediately receive a notification on your smartphone to indicate that an unknown face was spotted. You just have to keep your finger on the thumbnail representing the face that the camera has captured and choose “identify”, this allows you to create a profile with the person’s name. Sometimes the camera detects something that is not a face, you can clearly specify choosing ” this is not a face .” Another option is possible when a guest goes home, and the camera detects a face, you can ” forget that person .” So the camera does not record.You can still register up to 16 faces .

Sometimes the camera will need a profile is identified several times (depending on the shooting of the camera, the ambient light, if the person is in profile when it detects his face …) before recognize autonomously the familiar faces.More camera will “see” the person from all angles (if you correctly systematically identified), plus the camera manage to easily recognize the face of the family member.

The notifications

Netatmo The application is very well designed, I think, it is intuitive and simple. You can set notifications and choose whether you want to always be warned when the camera detects an unknown face, if you want the camera records a video with every movement detected or not.

In sum, the facial recognition Netatmo signed this camera works well, though it is obviously taking into account changes in brightness and tolerate the fact that it can not recognize every time a previously identified person. We must identify a number of times for the smart camera can detect more easily the face of this person. It is a useful and modern object, ideal for parents who wish to ensure that their children are returned and monitor who enters the house.