Natural Makeup At Night

Most women believe that a perfect makeup for the night is the one who combines strong colors, heavy textures, false eyelashes , or tons of mascara. Yes, you can see elegant both in person and in pictures, but we assure you that you can achieve a look delicate and fabulous if you use neutral tones – the key is in the finish. Here we show you how to achieve a natural makeup for the night without having to choose something out of your personality!

It improves your complexion

When you use much paint on the lips or eyes, the skin does not require both “arrangement” because it will not be the focus of attention. However, when playing with light colors, it is important that you exfolies, humectes and perfections your skin with the right products.

Always apply a light pre-basic that gives life to the skin without saturating it. Continues with a base liquid or mousse and concealer only where you need it – won’t look stiff.

The idea is to make the face look moist and healthy, not shiny. It ends with a layer of super fine powders in the T-zone.

Concentrate on the look

To avoid watered-down look, you should focus on highlighting a feature of your face. In this case, the eyes will be the perfect alternative. Recalls refine and define your eyebrows – they will become part of makeup that will then begin. Tip: always use a pre-basic in the eyelids.

  • Smokey Eye to nature: perfect for any eye color! Search for shadows in neutral tones such as Brown, copper, gold, beige, chocolate or champagne. As a general rule, you can follow the instructions of the smoke where the darker shade would go around the eye (Read more on this beauty article). Here is get the gradient colors, and that at least one of the shadows, is luminous. Don’t forget that light does not mean frosty – the more delicate is the brightness, better. It curls your lashes and apply two coats of black or brown mascara.


  • Cat’s eye: the versatility of the “cat eyes” allows you to do this so natural or dramatic as you want. In addition, it is able to define or mold the size of your eyes and raise your eyes with just a tool: eyeliner. Be sure to keep a thin line and well skirt to the base of the eyelashes (get this cheat!). As for lashes, curl them and gives three coats of mascara.


  • Bordeado’s eyes: “rimmed eyeliner” is back with more force than ever before, and now it is not exclusive of the 90’s. Using an eyeliner to test water and trace a line on the inside edges of your eyes. Reviews again, curls your lashes and apply several layers of pestanina. Striking look in seconds!


Test: Clinique “16 Shades of Beige” (even better if you combine your eye with your manicure-makeup), L’ Oréal The Infallible Blockbuster Eyeliner and Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Kohl.

Don’t be affraid to color

Although it can become a double-edged weapon, the blushes and bronzers have the ability to define factions, make you look “thinner” in camera and give a healthy touch to your face. Especially when you’re wearing so neutral makeup on eyes and lips, it is important to highlight the sides of your face to make it look more stylish. Sounds less complicated than it is!

Prefer creamy textures (but long) which give you a lighter finish. Extra points if you have light sparkles that reflect light. Same rule applies with the Tanner – prefers those in cream, gel or liquid-to-dust.

The final touch

A natural makeup is not, nor should be, simpleton. Not you decant for matte or opaque finishes that make you see pale or no harmony; better go for semi-matte lipsticks, creamy or even lip gloss with high pigment.

The lipglosses are not just for teens – if you are looking for color with Golden reflexes, “mate” (solid colors) or even lip dyes, you can get results as favourable as with any dark lipstick.

Test: Hourglass Sheer Lipstain, Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss and Mary Kay Creme Lipstick.