Namco Bandai Announces a Collection of Mini-Games for Android of The Series One Piece

Japanese animation series are all a phenomenon transmedia, with series in comics, TV, toys, clothing and games, among many others. One Piece is an example of the transmedia led to the greatest exponents, as it is of the few franchises that have achieved the milestone of a smartphone based on the series, although the Evangelion series has also succeeded.

To continue exploiting the potential of the most famous Japanese comic of the moment and perhaps history, Namco Bandai He announced games for Android that we can get into the skin of different members of the pirates hat of straw. The application will feature four games with different themes, completely individual.

On the one hand we find the hearts card game, animated with the protagonists of the series, a game in which we will help Zoro to perfect his technique of fencing, a pinball in which we help Luffy to reach the gallows of Marineford and a tower defense in which he will have to defend ourselves from the members of the Navy.

By the time the game is only announced for Japan and It is very difficult to see it in the West issues of licences and rights, although lately is considered strong by bringing games of the series, which just is not so impossible.