Nail Art: New Trend For Nails

Straight from Manicure expert of fashion week in New York come the latest in fact the nails and the ways to paint them: from fluorescent and bright colors to the color combinations are sure to be able to draw inspiration from the new trend!

Cr and your fluorescent color!

To get a bright shade (but without overdoing it and risk be reflective) the trick is to mix the already light and bright colors (a beautiful rose for example) on top of a layer of white. The result obtained is an improved version of that pink, with lighting that tends to almost fluorescent. Superb result. It is also advised to try other shades of pink and the colors, but it is important to always keep a basic white “milk.”

Eclipse on the hands

This seems to be the latest trend that will accompany us in the coming months: it is quite simple to implement (steady hand and eye are basic requirements) and gives a very nice effect to be seen. To realize should be spread firstly a lighter base color and, then, above it, a layer of reduced dimensions of a darker color.

In the picture below you can see an example with a purple and pink; of course you can change colors depending on your personal taste but the formula remains the same: first the light color over the entire nail, then the Dark “inside” of the frame.

What do you think about it? Do you think that these styles can thrive here too? Li would see good about yourself? Any suggestions? Comments here on!