N Two in the Test

Allow, the hottest combo from England named DAC-V1 and NAP100. You act as top modern converters before amplifiers duo, dominate digital game types and follow but an old tradition.

Most viewers will evaluate the latest Naim protagonists as a practical handy box size – if the Lady of the House is present, probably also the proscribed Word could be “sweet”. And of course the narrow format of devices is pleasantly compact, take them about as much space but side by side made like a conventional wide Hi-Fi. Already the Unitiqute, the compact All-in one player by Naim, was able to convince the audience with its diminutive dimensions.

The desktop compatible design is a USB converter as the DAC-V1, which sometimes need to find within easy reach to a PC computer, all the more. However, the format is not a phenomenon of modern times at Naim, on the contrary. The English created at the very beginning of its existence in the meantime 44jährigen like amplifiers and matching preamp in exactly these masses – one once google products such as NAP 110 or NAC 42, who won series fans in their heyday from the beginning the end of the 1980s as black HiFi Brikketts in the casing.

Viewed in that light the duo from transformer preamplifier DAC-V1 and amplifier NAP 100 only back to its roots and is the modern interpretation of a Classic. Only where earlier the turntable naturally found connection, maybe even next to an analog tuner, the digital world in the Centre – and for the first time with Naim is the DAC v1 also consistently the computer.

However, they are a bit more elegantly designed as the ur boxes and the Naim logo is no longer printed, but officially green-lit. The D/A converter , it is used even as cleverly disguised mute button. You do without on an external upgrades power supply in the styles of the HiCap which would fit although excellent optically, but is solely technical connection no longer. The four-pin DIN cable as umbilical cord between Naim pre and power amp is of course still; RCA jacks are used as off – or input alternative for non-Naimler.

USB converter DAC-V1

The converter provides a strong contrast, green to saturated black Projecting OLED Display that shows selected digital input, as well as incoming sample rate. It could reach via S/PDIF up to 192 kHz, USB up to 384 kHz, should you call his own DXDDateien master Studio quality can. Ever the Naim DAC V1 puts much emphasis on the proper treatment of the USB signals, of course relies on the asynchronous transfer mode (which leaves the unreliable Computer clocking left).

The necessary USB Controller had even specially manufacture Naim itself, instead of a solution out of the box. The developer also consistently avoided any points of contact with the trip usually in the USB cable, with 5-volt voltage, which is used as an energy source by some chips, potentially enormously disrupts.

Care gives Naim but also all other digital signals. A Sharc DSP by analog devices specially (much like in the large, 3000 euro expensive Naim DAC) for the oversampling, digital filtering, and Jitterbekämpfung used. For this purpose he buffer the incoming S/PDIF signals and generated using two voltage regulated oscillator (a clock takes care of the frequencies of 44, 1 kHz-clan, the other to all multiple of 48 kHz family) a suitable synchronous converter clock for the PCM1791 from Burr Brown, to play instead of relying of the variations of the S/PDIF transmission. Afterwards we continue channel separately and analogous (but digitally controlled) volume controlled to the analog outputs, either the class-A amplifier stage to the headphone jack. To the DAC is unregulated play at a preliminary stage, the outputs on a fixed level can be switched.

At all, you can find even some helpful features in the menu of the compact converter of the full switching off the display to control the level of the PC via USB. Sound traps in the operating system of the computer or the playback software itself are the USB connection . The choice also in the menu “bit perfect” test to ensure that the computer already neatly passes the data to the Naim – with downloadable test files from the Web page and the corresponding functional test on the DAC.

The computer provides the signals correctly, the Naim DAC-V1 it conjures up music flexed full-bodied, rhythmically engaging and yet virtually unlimited in the resolution. Even the very precise and very deep staffelnde M2Tech Young (AUDIO 4/11, 1100 euro) had to be given similar abundance of detail, but clearly Smoother and lively expression the Naim beaten. And while the DAC appeared only as a solo artist, without his congenial partner NAP 100 .

Power NAP-100

The compact power amplifier has it namely as sly under the casing. Powered by a stately toroidal transformer, he delivers determined 83 Watts to 4, 57 Watts into 8 Ohms power – constant even on bitch, with impedance fluctuations and phase rotation impending Speaker divider. Fearlessly turned the little Englishman in the listening room of not just the huge work and test box KEF reference 207/2, but also his opponents.

The Musical Fidelity M1 PWR for example, visually and priced in a similar League acting. London played as expected batio and hearty, atmospherically dense and exciting. The Naim power amplifier from Salisbury was the nose in the English duel but with much expression, an stage and a dose of more elegance and shimmer. Even so far forward, that they in the next duel even her big sister NAP 155 XS brought into fix.

Especially in combination with the converter stage the NAP 100 in the heart of the tester – played himself when music as dynamically powerful, but audibly controlled flows, beat feet to the beat, and you feel no great desire, to interrupt this brilliant performance, then the mixture is just right. A long N tradition, dutifully carrying even the most modern station wagon.