Mytaxi: Court Bans Discount Actions

Get customers the next mytaxi booking discount yet or not? The decision in the dispute over promotions on the app of the Daimler subsidiary booked taxi trips has fallen: the Landgericht Frankfurt declared the discount by mytaxi contrary to law. This should be only a step in the months-long legal dispute. Nevertheless, Dieter stressed Schlenker, Chairman of the cooperative taxi Germany: this decision is good for consumers and for the medium-sized taxi companies and taxi stations, because only pretend Mytaxi actions, taxis could be cheaper.

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What have the taxi headquarters against the discounts?

In Germany, according to the law, fixed prices are for taxi rides. This is to protect taxi drivers from ruinous competition. Mytaxi, circumvents this requirement by the app, if you call a taxi service, reimbursed their customers 50 percent of the fare. The taxi stations argue: they did not have this possibility due to the legal requirements. That put taxi drivers under pressure. Join mytaxi wacko or waive customers.

Discounts despite

In Hamburg, the German taxi and car rental Association (BZP) was failed with the request for an injunction against the nationwide discounts. The local District Court stood on the side of mytaxi. Therefore, the company could continue nationwide give discounts. In Stuttgart, the Oberlandesgericht tipped an injunction of the District Court, which banned the discounts in the region.

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Impact on other cases

The decision of the Landgericht Frankfurt has a signal effect. The decision just for mytaxi had failed in Stuttgart. The judge had built a Golden Bridge to lawyers of the taxi driver. But then their legal argument had not been sufficient. There could be but still to a lawsuit. And the judge at the High Court made it already clear that a renewed lawsuit certainly would have prospects of success.

What do you mean the whole thing for mytaxi customers?

Mytaxi had prepared so that users in the future without sacrificing discounts. The company has requested a so-called enforcement protection, but the Court declined. Would he have been approved by the Court, also a negative for mytaxi would have to be not hanged as long as a ruled line by the Federal Supreme Court is not like. Now seems to be first final with the discounts. (With material of the dpa)