My Festival Look With Flared Leg And Ne Travel Experience

It can be really good here… while I’m here, it has 29 degrees, the sun is shining from the sky, the birds chirping and I’m a bit like paradise.

The Turks are also really service kings, read one almost every wish from the eyes and are very nice. The journey however was rather brand “A trip from hell”… Thank God, I do not have to write now to hell.

Actually, we should have arrived at the hotel around 8pm on Saturday evening-but we did not arrive until early morning. After a full 7 hours flight delay and 2 more hours, we waited in Antalya for our luggage. So people, leave the fingers of OnurAir… I would not say that we had run faster to Antalya… but possibly the car would have been a comfortable alternative. After all, we also drive the vehicle everywhere. According to Munich Airport’s extremely well-prepared airport staff, OnurAir now has a not insignificant sumPay compensation, but that is also connected with anger, time and unnecessary scribbling. In addition, I guess we will not be the only travelers who will “bother” the airline with a demand.On our arrival day, there were indeed four flights, the considerable delays the adventure airline had to accept.

Adventure Airline

Yes, if a traveler does a trip, then he can tell something. The poem is still, absolutely contemporary. Actually, I’d rather tell positive things … but that is life. It is not always all round and an experience was it nevertheless. Since we had also two hours more arrived at the airport, we have rumgerückt whole 9 hours in the departure hall and I now have not only a SexandtheCity moment but also still a terminal moment. Do you remember the movie with Tom Hanks? At least, no weeks have passed and there were alsoNo airport staff, we would gladly again. On the contrary, a lady from the security staff and the people from the snack gave us valuable tips on what we should pay attention to our complaint. The nice lady’s from the duty-free shop had at my Eighth visit to have mercy on me and pressed a 15% coupon into the hand. Now I have a summer perfume of Moschino and one of these new boosters from Clarins, the energy booster. It works wonders, if you come late to bed, it is called and I have tried the of course on Sunday. I was only 6 at the bed and at 9 o’clock again. Hahaha.. ha… ha…. Even if that was just a lie. The booster works… he spells a freshness in the face and I did not look quite so ashen as a “short” night.

My Festival Look With Allsaints

My photos today we made at home a few weeks ago and they fit rather to an early summer day in Germany, than to 28 degrees in Turkey… But my “lazy vacation face” I am definitely reaching for… or you look at Instagram , But since it is just all places festival looks to marvel, I thought, I also do times with… Although quite without festival, but that makes nüscht… ODA? Gladly I would now also show such an airy summer dress-however, the German temperatures and my OpenAir experience is rather less advisable.That’s why my interpretation of festival look is (and I beg you generously about to see over the fact that the bag is by no means festival compatible) with flared-leg jeans and the top part of All Saints, which I last year in the Style Outlet a2zGov bought… I will find time and I hope with us the weather will be constantly constant so beautiful that we can permanently wear open shoes… I just push the thumbs, pack the sun and bring it with you and wish us luck that Return flight is not as chaotic as the journey… However, we fly there also with another airline… and I am curious of course, too-have you ever experienced similar? Maybe you have some great tips-I would be very grateful to you… A stress-free Friday, I wish you all… and a great start to the weekend