My Casual Friday Is Pink In Boyfriend Style And Online Shoe Shopping

This week was a lot going on… I was traveling a lot… Some dates that were planned have not taken place, others have lasted longer than this… So, finally, the normal madness, as we all know him … Only at the end of this week was I somehow old.

 Oh, what does it mean at the end of the week? Actually already on Monday-only from Wednesday I felt so synonymous so… However, this does not apply to my outfit… Since the color Pink brings the necessary freshness and a boyfriend style with blazer is always casual and yet chic.. And that Good at the week, the weather is springy enough for my new shoes-in the quite by the way also mentioned my inserts fit.

Strictly speaking, this week was going on months ago… Yes, yes-I know that makes no sense… but you will see immediately that makes sense. Every year, I go to the ophthalmologist once… I am short-sighted, not much, but enough to need glasses. When driving I need it necessarily and I recognize better known people. Since I have my glasses but very often not on the nose, but on the head… I sometimes act arrogant, because I do not greet…. Meanwhile, I’m only vain… But you all know this… Or? Or?  That is why I wear mostly-actually always contact lenses. Only during the work I try to avoid it… You already know screen, dry eyes and so. My glasses, however, are now six years old and have as many scratches in the glass.


… oh yes, the ophthalmologist… so I go every year to the ophthalmologist… Also, because of the contact lenses after measure. Since I was last October and then had a prescription for glasses in the bag… Unfortunately, this recipe did not make it to the optician. You know that for sure, it was somehow autumn… and then already Advent and Christmas and the thing with the year change… Well- yes, I admit it, I have it pushed… ProkrastinaDingsbums… But I can not choose a glasses alone-and I can not take anyone with me. This is so complicated, because I find glasses just stupid… so on me-on my nose. Eyeglasses on other people look great-but on me… .Grinksdefitzel… and even after 20 years of myopia, I am still not short-sighted enough to win a pair of glasses in my face.

A Dialogue

And no, I would not like to approach any spectacle wearer… Because I like faces with glasses… I just do not like my face… White the vulture why. But what I’m talking about here again… actually I just wanted to say that last Saturday I’ve chosen two new racks. Yes exactly 2 pieces. I hope just then I have longer my rest. My husband was there and had to go through my nephew… A dialogue like this: I: “What does it look like?” He: “Yes, I think that suits you.” I: That’s no answer. I wanted I do not know what to say, but I do not know what to say. “He said,” I do not know what to say ! And you will not find the black too hard! “He:” No, I do not find. “I:” You do not look exactly at: “

Obviously Too Late

Fifty different racks-fifty times the same question and answer game.In the end, I always go home with the ever-same glasses, which I then lie somewhere and never find… My poor man. But that is already too far thought, because first wanted to make the Optiklady a visual test-but it was already after 5 pm and for a vision test too late. She said 5pm is too late for the eye, because when you sit in front of a screen all day, the eye could never focus. The two racks she wrote me on a note and on Monday I’m back in the morning and it seemed like 12 other people had this glorious idea… So I waited almost 2 1/2 hours and in the end I am 330 euros lighter From the shop.

Week Power

But not only that-in the two and a half hours I have also aged by years, because the colleague, who had me on Monday, had also immediately addressed to a progressive eyeglasses. And I know in the meantime that not only the elderly need a progressive eyeglasses… but in my case he has clearly spoken of age agility. He said it quite simply-the word. That was the moment when I would have liked to point out that it is not very nice to eat onions the day before when you do visual tests… But well, I pinched it. On Tuesday, I was with the kids while vaccinating and I swear to you that has cost me the whole week’s energy… I’m always so sorry-stupid syringes… And now please no discussion about vaccination.

Shoe Store LÜKe

For my deposits… oh neee-rather not. But that gave me the rest this week… So, that the orthopaedist has introduced another word with A in my weekly lecture… So real… I beg you? How am I supposed to feel old at the end of the week? But it does not matter, because I have new shoes… and found in an online shop selling grandiose shoes. Great labels, which can not be found everywhere.The Pertini brand, for example, and also inserts fit into it… but the shoes do not look out for inserts. Yiieepiieeee… A success all along and Lüke is definitely a good alternative to other online shoe traders and you can scream as well. Already, because the selection is very special… and from 49 euros Lüke also delivers free of charge… On site try also is if you live in Freiburg or in the vicinity.

Boyfriendstyling In Pink

And everyone who follows me for a long time knows that I am a big fan of alternatives to the usual suspects… But in the area of ​​shoes, the pearls are not so easy to discover. So thank you dear team of DENTISTRYMYTH that you found me, and the laced shoes provided me… I am very happy about it… The rest of the look is suitable for the casual Friday, a Boyfriend styling and by the Blazer also suitable for the office… And I am very curious now… do you belong to the team progressive lenses and have you ever tried it with far-vision contact lenses? Have a pleasant Friday and a nice start to the weekend, your Conny.