Must-Have: The Shirt

Suitable shirts have to be made for the new suit. Especially in the winter these are wonderful to be combined not only under the jacket, but also under the sweater or cardigan. But not only the color and the fit are decisive, already buttons or the collar shape can speak for themselves.

And so I ordered my shirts with ASOS also three shirts, which are completely different in detail! Here you have to look closely and find the right shirt for you and your own style.

The Oxford Shirt

The   Oxford shirt is defined by a very special type of fabric, in which usually dyed and uncolored threads are interwoven with each other and are somewhat coarser in the fabric. In this variant with button-down collar and colored buttons. -The shirt is elegant enough to fit under any jacket, but it also offers freedom to wear loosely over the pants, but in a dyed version. This year it is absolutely trendy to close the button bar to the top button.

The Elegant Shirt

This   elegant shirt is worn without tie. The narrow, rounded collar in the “Bübchen-Look” attracts enough attention, to be able to top this with a tie. The thin cotton, the starched collar and the cuffs make the shirt look so elegant to leave a good impression on special events such as New Year’s Eve or weddings. As the rounded collar has a very strong “Bübchen-Look”, one should combine it best with a well-kept three-day beard.

The Printed Shirt

This year, the  printed shirt. It is much more casual than all the other shirts, but hopefully the woodcutting shirt will be cut off as soon as possible. The shirt can be worn relaxed over the pants and combined with chino&sneaker. But it is also quite suitable for office use. In doing so, one should only ensure that the print is not too discreet and discreet in the color. With covered colors such as dark blue, dark green or brown man makes little mistakes. This variant is, for example, something for the washed bicycle fool!

The shirt, no matter what form, should be represented in every men’s wardrobe. Best in design for every occasion with opinion of! But to build up his collection should take place gently and thoughtfully. Twenty variants of one and the same shirt can become very dull and boring.The selection and variance makes the combination easier to fall as well as try new looks.