Mullet Dress

The mullet length is on the rise, and we’re not talking about the haircut that was successful in the 1980s, but rather on that type of short outfit at the front and longer back. What used to be a celebrity thing became a trend and now it’s in the windows making the summer clothes look nicer.

The model is ideal for those who do not take risks in the long, but also does not give up showing legs. Highlight for the dresses and skirts, which are super stylish with this type of modeling.

For being different and daring, the mullet is also an excellent option to innovate in the party look.Accompanied by embroidery, glitter and applications, the mullet party dress is even more charming. With fluid fabrics, it gives movement and an air of lightness.

Even brides can bet on the trend of mullet length as a detail for the dress that will be worn on the big day. Despite escaping from the traditional, the bridal mullet dress is nonetheless romantic and match the occasion.

For those who find it difficult to use the mullet trend in skirts and dresses, a suggestion is to bet on sweaters and shirts. Start with more discrete lengths on the back until you get accustomed to the model.

How To Use Mullet Length

There are no rules for wearing the mullet dress based on StunnerDresses, but the good old tip of common sense fits this trend very well. Very short skirts and dresses in the front or coladíssimos in the hips leave the vulgar look. Therefore, it is best to look for a model that mixes and sensuality of minis and the elegance of longs in the right measure.

In relation to the proportion of lengths, the bolder ones can use the very long back, forming as if it were a very tail. For those who do not feel prepared to dare so much in the visual, the tip is to choose pieces that do not have so much difference in the lengths.