Motorola Will Stop Assembling Terminals in The United States

A couple of days ago that confirmed by mistake a 64 GB version of the Motorola Moto X, a terminal that is still commanding the catalog from the American manufacturer to waiting for the Moto x + 1.

However, today is not news the renovation of the top of range of Motorola, but that the mentioned 64 GB version of the Moto X could be the last service of the manufacturer plant in Texas, then as indicated in Wall Street Journal, Motorola will close its plant in Assembly on American soil at the end of this year.

It was one of the most recurrent topics since the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, and now it seems that own Rick Osterloh, President of Motorola USA, indicating that “the North American market was exceptionally hard” confirms the closure of the factory.

The idea of Motorola was not bad, maybe his image had gone out benefit with the “assembled in the USA” They showed their devices, activating the economy of the area and creating numerous jobs instead of sending these tasks to plants in Asia.

In addition, the Assembly in the United States could maintain a high level of customization with appropriate manufacturing and shipping times, and hence was born motorcycle Maker, although devices seems to not been sold too well.

It remains to be see if bike Maker will continue active, and seems though various media are running so it will be, very difficult we maintain a manufacturing service on demand with reasonable shipping times from thousands of kilometres away. That can manufacture from China to open motorcycle Maker to many more markets.

We will have to wait for Motorola to tell us in a way officer what are their future plans now that his strategy begins to converge with the of its new owner, Lenovo.