Motorola Fire – Android Dual-Chip Reliable Brand

Anyone who has ever experienced a generic or Chinese phone with a minimum of expectation of durability may have been very disappointed. One of the main reasons aside from the price it takes someone to buy a generic Chinese appliance is the possibility of using 2 chips. Previously this was a nearly exclusive feature of the MP15, MP20 and other such devices.

Then came the Nokia C2-00 with 2 chips and now an Android, the Motorola Fire. You no longer need to get angry using a dual SIM adapter that will drain the battery quickly.

Motorola Fire comes in black and white with version 2.3 of Android (Gingerbread). It has a QWERT keyboard and a generous 2.8-inch screen. According to Motorola the 1400mAh battery has up to 7 hours of talk time and there is also a reasonable 3MP camera. It also supports memory card up to 32GB, has FM radio RDS, Wi-Fi, GPS and aGPS.

The biggest advantage of the device is to accept 2 chips at the same time, especially in Brazil where the exorbitant price and the terrible quality of the telephony oblige you to have 2 lines in the same device.

Compared to other dual SIM handsets , the Motorola Fire already comes out winning by having a current and recent operating system. In Android 2.3 you can use your phone as a 3G router. You get the signal from the 3G and distribute it to other devices through the Wi-Fi network. This is extremely useful in travel and to use the internet in a notebook or netbook that does not have 3G. You can have only 1 chip with 3G but use the internet on multiple devices with it. If the idea is to save on accounts having 2 different plan chips, why not also save sharing the 3G connection?

The video of the release of Motorola Fire shows more details and functions of the device.