Motorola Develops Modular Smartphone

Motorola Smartphone

How about a new camera in your mobile? Or with a better battery? The dream of just Exchange single components of the Smartphone at your whim, could be soon true because the Google subsidiary Motorola is to develop a smart phone, where you can actually replace the components.

Motorola Modular Smartphone

The now associated with Google smartphone company Motorola messing around in their project ‘Ara’ on mobile phones using the modular principle, where components such as the processor, the keyboard, the display or the sensors can be combined with each other and exchanged freely. 2011 Google patent of the Israeli firm Modu had secured, which had developed a phone to plug along, but had failed in the implementation of the concept.

The project ‘Ara’ is an open and free platform with the one wool, do this in hardware what got Android software, according to a blog entry in the blog of the company. The OS Android from Google dominated the mobile market – partly because it is open various Smartphone manufacturers.

Also the Dutch Desiger Dave Hakkens had the idea to develop a Smartphone, suprising with his design study of Phonebloks, which we have already reported. With Phonebloks Hakkens wants to move to the Smartphone industry to develop, that the user can assemble according to the modular principle, even a Smartphone: the Smartphone just consisting of a base plate and the other components that make up a Smartphone. Hakkens wants to make the Smartphone with Phonebloks to a device that lasts longer than ever before, because you can replace parts at will. Phonebloks is now supported by nearly one million Internet users, a Smartphone manufacturer could not enjoy so far still the idea. So far,: Now it looks like Motorola wants to work together with Dave Hakkens.

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