Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Hello ladies how you doing? Today we’ll talk a little bit about the most common mistakes of make-up and how to fix them

  • Exaggerate in Time to Put the Base

Layers and more layers, just leave you with a face, the ideal is to apply or with the fingertips or brush and spread well. If you prefer to use a fíber duo brush clean in a circular motion, to ensure that there was excess base in any area.

  • Pass Wrong Color Correction

Is a very common mistake, we find that to hide the unwanted dark circles we have to use a concealer lighter than our skin, where we were wrong. It does what we want to hide to get more apparent. The ideal product is what has the same tone of your skin and your base. Before buying is important to test the face and not in your hands.

  • Excess po

When applying a lot of dust, the skin may be artificial, because matifica skin powder and he loses the natural radiance leaving the person with a face, and that’s not what we want. The ideal and that he take the excess glitter and allow as natural as possible. The application can be made with a duo fiber brush, spreading the product gently keeping the dust accumulated in a region only.

  • Exaggerate in Blush

The exaggeration of the blush is one of the most common mistakes in make-up, blush’s intention is to give a natural health out like a little clown, or opinion that had a few chineladas. Ideal for that is to choose a tone that is natural to your skin. For white women, the peach or pinkish hue, look great. For Brunettes or black, brownish tints, earth tones or wine are ideas. At the time of be careful application, pass the brush on the product and remove the excess before applying, the application should be soft, not to score too much, and case weigh a little, go back to put some dust that everything will work out.

  • Excessive Infrared Illumination

Don’t overdo it on the Illuminator, apply gently, in the temples, on the sides of the face and below the eyebrows, I write a little bit, little bit right in the nose too. Important safety tip also pass a little dust to leave a lit more discreet.

  • Shadows Very Marked

There’s no tip higher than merging, merging, merging, thought it a little more diffuse.

  • Creamy Shadows

The creamy shadows must correctly beginning with esfumadas and applied a small amount and increase gradually, beware they accumulate in the region, due to big movement of the eyelids.

  • Paste the False Eyelashes Wrong

Before you begin the first step is to measure the size of the false eyelashes according to your eyes. If the artificial yarns are too big, cut them before pasting. Use a small amount of glue to prevent leaks at the time of application. The lashes should be pasted above the natural Eyelash root following the eye contour, a tip I learned and I think it looks very natural is to pass the eyelash mascara before and after colacação.

  • Lip Pencil

The tone of the pencil should be the same shade of lipstick to the colors join, if the tone is different, let the lipstick.

  • Lipstick Matte With Dry Lips

Matte lipsticks are super high, just that must take into account the hydration of lips before applying. Besides leaving more apparent cracks and raised hairs, he leaves the mucosa drier still. Ideally, use a lip balm before applying.