Modular LED Aquarium Light

A led module is an electronic medium with small LEDs, usually between 3 and 144. Ideal for small spaces, it is very bright despite its small size. It is a real concentrate of technology.

They can be sealed or not. Their use can be done alone or in series.

Equipped with SMD LEDs, light colours are choice: warm white, cold white, RGB (multicolor). Some may have effects of light as the more or less rapid color changes. Just for that, to associate them with a RGB controller with remote control. This type of light source receives a voltage of 12V, then it is mandatory to have a led 12V power supply.

What Types of Led?

5630 Samsung led SMD type are used to present led modules on our site (led module). They are brand V – tac, excellent supplier of led material.

Led SMD 5050, highly luminous, (SMD 5050 rgb led module) are also used.

Despite a low consumption for the operation of 3 LEDs, the light intensity is excellent: around 100 lumens on average (between 87 and 135 lumens depending on the models).

On the back, an adhesive double-sided is positioned for easy implementation.

What Uses?

For non waterproof models, they can be used in decoration. For example behind a light frame, in a white module froidniche of decoration, in a piece of furniture, for the markup of public place in baseboards or moldings…

Waterproof led module can obviously be placed outdoors because their protection index is 65: waterproof dust and jets of water from all directions. All our site led modules are IP65.

Rear adhesive is a true scotch 3 m. Even in bad weather, the product remains in place.

This type of lighting is very often used in sign lighting. The big thick letters are not illuminated through a projector on the front. They are informed on the back with these led modules high power. This is called the backlight.

It is also possible to install in the garden to create illuminated keys or external markup… Thanks to these led modules whose dimensions are small, let yourself be guided by your imagination!

Another possibility: aquarium lighting. A series circuit on a Board with the number of modules based on the necessary light supply is very simply possible.

If the aquarium is said to be planted (with real plants), it is possible to use RGB modules to get a pink light that is favourable to the growth of plants.

Spaces like motor homes welcome very well these modules because the places are small and a classic fixture would not be possible.

The led module can have many features. Very handy, its dimensions ensure easy and invisible integration. Existing waterproof or non-waterproof version, it can be used indoors and outdoors. Sign lighting very often uses this type of light to illuminate the store names. Aquarium fish, the light intensity of the modules is a real asset.