Misslyn Long-Lasting Lip Booster

The Misslyn Long-Lasting Lip Booster is designed to push the lips optically and make them immediately fuller and smoother. Sounds promising, does not it? So I was very curious about the lipgloss when the press release fluttered into my mailbox and would like to introduce you to three of the ten available colors.

Lip glosse come admittedly with me rather seldom to the employment, since I am a lot with the bike on the road and then me often times the hair in the face around blow. Waves and lipglosses are not a good combination and the cyclists and / or lipgloss lovers among you certainly know what I mean.  Nevertheless, I wear lip gloss every now and then, especially to a somewhat more striking eye make-up.

Content & Price:
The Long-Lasting Lip Boosters have a content of 5ml and cost 6.99€. Buy the Misslyn products for example at Douglas, but also with Müller and Karstadt, I’ve already discovered the Misslyn installer.

Order And Wear:
All Long-Lasting Lip Boosters contain fine glitter particles, but they are not noticeable on the lips. I like the applicator particularly well, because it is bevelled and flexible so that the color can be spread evenly on the lips. When applied, a fairly sweet, caramel-like scent immediately rises into the nose, which fortunately flies quickly. After a short time I no longer perceive the scent. The colors I find quite covering and they adhere well on the lips, which contributes to a better durability, but unfortunately also a sticky feeling left behind on the lips. After the food and drink, however, you have to follow the color, which is nothing new with lipglosses.

The Lipgloss No. 43 “Sensual Raspberry” is clearly my favorite among the three because of the beautiful color! It is a berry pink, which covers quite well and is very clearly visible on the lips. The golden glimmer fits in my opinion super to the color and the lip gloss allowed to slip into my handbag.

“Bellini” is a bright orange tone with a slightly coral impact that is not as clearly visible on my lips as “Sensual Raspberry”. For me a beautiful, if rather subtle, summer color.

The lip gloss No. 76 “Stolen Kisses” is the least noticeable of my three copies. It is a bright pink, which is hardly noticeable on my already bright lips. These will get a beautiful shine and a bit fuller, but the effect does not compensate for the rather sticky wearing feeling.

Carrying Pictures:

Here you can see all three Lipglosses on my lips: “Sensual Raspberry”, “Bellini” and “Stolen Kisses” (from left to right). My lips are little pigmented and quite bright, so that “Sensual Raspberry” is very good. The other two are not as covering yet give their lips a great shine and make them look more voluminous.

My Conclusion:
As already mentioned, I wear rather rare lipglosses and also the Misslyn Long-Lasting Lip boosters can not convince me of the contrary. They feel quite sticky on the lips, which is certainly due to the long-loading effect. Food and drink do not exceed the lipglosses, however, even if the shelf life for a lip gloss is quite good. The glitter particles I find quite pretty.The opacity varies and is only really good at the “Sensual Raspberry”, which is also my favorite and immediately into the handbag was allowed.

Here you can see all ten available shades at a glance. For more reviews and other colors, seeMiss von Xtravaganz and Mona.