Microbikinis: The Trend That Is All The Rage Among The Famous

Micro bikinis slowly have begun to displace classic bikinis and trikinis, which reflects a new trend where the Chilean care more for their body and want to show more skin.

Bikini, as we know it, was born at the end of the 1940s and caused around a scandal, since until then, women used a few swimsuits that were actually a kind of mesh gradually that eventually gave rise to the one-piece swimsuit.

It was only in the 1960s that the bikini became fashionable and ceased to be seen as an immoral. This, because the sexy actress Brigitte Bardot posed in a bikini.

In Chile, this garment started to become more popular and “democratic” in the last 10 years (in the beginning was exclusive for thin women and without bends) but now the Chileans are bolder, they have included the one piece to your closet, as well as the so-called erotic bikinis.

Josefina Alcotta, designer bikinis and (@JosefinaAlcotta) model ensures that “a couple of years that the Chileans are daring enough, I also believe that Instagram has helped in this since trends are available to all”.

Parts down very small, they are the trend among the celebrities who want an almost complete Tan. In the photo, Gala Cardirola.

In fact today, it is possible to find bikinis and trikinis of all styles and prices and within this range began to take hold in court more erotic, it’s micro bikinis that show more skin and many more daring as it is the case of the collection of Lenceria.cl.

José Montero, owner of this store, ensures that the collection of micro bikinis is has been selling like hotcakes. “Our clients are asking more daring designs because they have desire to show more skin to look and feel more sexy.”

Over the famous swimsuit one-piece that Chile occupied to simulate some imperfections in the body for years, Alcotta ensures that “is obsolete, we could say that it gave place to the one piece that is much more hip. The Chilean like the one piece, but they do not see it so much as a bathroom, they use it to walk along the beach or go to the pool with a short short.The truth is that favorite garment of bath of the Chilean is bikini, even for the most plump”.

About colors today leading in terms of swimwear Designer says that “in previous years we saw that they were trendy bikinis of a single color, specifically the fluorine, but this year is sticking much stronger prints, according to the taste of each one (flowers, abstract, etc, etc)”

But the question which drawer fits is how to choose the best swimsuit for a? For this, the Designer gives us some tips.

“As a designer I am favour of use what to everyone you feel well according to her body since it that fashion is not always looks good to all, therefore, when you buy a bikini the main thing is to be clear what colors come us, what kind of underwear we have better, to highlight attributes and cover those small details that all women are not happy” , Alcotta said.

“You never have to do to buy a bikini is to buy what is the friend, what is the model of the magazine well, etc.” “Is always important to keep in mind what our body type, what is there to highlight and what can disguise”, adds.

Body of PEAR: girls with body of PEAR if looking for bikini suits them to use one that has volume in the upper part to so compensate the proportions, it may be flying, fringe, even with a bit of filling.

Apple Corps: we recommend to use more volume in the rear, even waistbands wide since they give the feeling that the hip will be wide.

Hourglass body: Women who have this type of body are rather more fortunate, since they can afford to use any model being best suited the of triangle.