Mickey Joins This Thursday to Swampy and Perry with The Play Where’s My Mickey?

The phenomenon of Where’s my Water?, or where is my water? If you prefer to name in the language of Cervantes, not to expand Disney character sde. After the success that suposo game where is my Perry? that had the Platypus mascot Phinneas and Ferb, Disney wants to play it all with its most emblematic creation: Mickey Mouse.

Following the mechanics already all know with puzzles of water in which interfere so much heat as cold, as well as poisons that are multiplied by the water and plants that grow upon contact with water, will now have to help Mickey and his friends to overcome their problems with the game Where’s my Mickey?. The mechanics are the same, but the characters and completely different puzzles.

In this game Mickey will be on a beach in full heat wave and we will help you to get water to sell lemonade and get a little money extra. That Yes, won’t have it so easy, because the pipes need repair to enable the famous mouse to complete your Lemonade recipe.

At the moment they have been announced in the order of 100 new puzzles and goofy as additional character. The game will be on Thursday priced at 1.99 dollars to tablets and 0.99 $ for smartphones, both Android and iOS.