Men’s Trends for Autumn and Winter

Look, I’ve been waiting a long time for this post, I was pretty eager to put on the air because it has a LOT of cool stuff here! As is routine, a little before each period of change, I put here a overview of what is, right? As the colder seasons of the year are coming, let’s know what are the Trends for autumn/winter men’s 2016? GO .

Before the heat started, put here in male fashion Men’s Tips for spring/summer 2016 , do you remember? The post exploded and with the approach of the seasons “cooler” (in Brazil always need to keep two feet behind when it comes to cold, huh? lol) did you start asking a lot to roll this post around here, so let’s go!

What is pumping pro male universe? What’s in high pro men’s fall/winter this year? What is Male Tendency for 2016? Bora know now!
1) Trench Coat Men
The Coats are pumping too much by the big world, I find it very nice usability, one of the things that if you’ve seen the men using primarily European streets in this coldest season. Are these full-bodied coats, to handle well the cold, rain, wind and appear in a drier, slim silhouette and lengthened. Have started popping up in department stores, saw 3 models in Zara on my last visit, but they were quite thick, difficult to use here in Brazilian lands. I’m cheering for them to come in lighter materials for us to use, pretty, huh!

2)Chelsea Boots
Chelsea style boots are also exploding for us, men, especially the Suede model. I find it very beautiful and also very hard to find here in Brazil, recently the Kildare launched a line of Chelsea Boots in this footprint, but I haven’t found for sale around, to try. Seen on Zara for a while, but no longer has, anyway, let’s keep an eye on TIME!!!

3) Blouses and Over Sized Jackets
The upper parts are getting bigger, more “dropped”, looking like you’re wearing a larger size than your.This visual Over sized even for jackets, Sweaters are well on high, we saw very strong in fashion weeks around the world, on the catwalks, on the streets, using celebrities, etc. I have a friend well connected to fashion, the Delton Kings, who for the last 2 months every day (every day) spoke to me “Coriander, you need to include this in the fall/winter post” haha you guys into teams?

4) Short-Sleeved Sweatshirt with Hood
This piece is a wonderful choice pro Autumn is a Brazilian Sweatshirt, hooded, but short-sleeve. Then protect is cool but not so heavy in look. I bought 2 from Forever21 and I’m FREAKING OUT in using them, seriously. The Valley camp (and inspiration).

5) Blouses with Thumbhole (Thimble)
You might have seen this, right? I’ve been asked here on the Blog about the Thumbhole and Yes, he is on the rise. Is this “Dedal” on the sleeve (which is longer) blouse, a lot of people is also called “mitts”. You dig?

6) Bent Cap
Had already highlighted this trend in the post of man’s headdresses to 2016, did you see? The Bonnet Folded rocked in recent fashion weeks around the world, mainly in the mixture with more formal pieces. I have already spoken of this mix of styles for HERE too.

7) Knitting Sweater
And to close, the Knitting appears pretty strong pro autumn/winter Male 2016 in blouses and sweaters.For more formal looks, to work, with Shirt underneath, under any jacket, Blazer, for a more casual look, with T-shirt, thicker, thinner, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the sweater is a versatile piece.

Taking advantage of the hook, I took the content out to the Youtube channel of the male fashion, Let’s watch and be inspired even more time? Just give the Play below: