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S Thesaurus of elegance and refinement, the cashmere sweater is a luxury garment to proudly display on a daily basis. Its wool, soft and warm, offers a very nice look and is very easy to maintenance! A true must-have for all fashion lovers who respect themselves, who knows a great success for many years. Indispensable in every wardrobe, he wakes the seducer who slumbers in every man and immediately adds style to any outfit.

Quality at low prices man cashmere sweater

C stablished in 2011, the Paris Yorker brand offers her sweaters cashmere at low prices: €109 only, including postage! This extremely affordable rate is made possible through a very small distribution channel: the Paris Yorker cashmere sweaters are made then directly sold on their site, which guarantees you a fair price and a distribution channel under control.

PARIS Yorker offers a unique model, the sweater cashmere v-neck, declined in 4 colors, you may as well wear it with jeans and a leather jacket, suit pants and a shirt. A great opportunity to renew your wardrobe!

Each cashmere sweater Paris Yorker is shipped in a beautiful box that will very certainly a must-have gift. Known for his aesthetic and practical qualities, it will certainly seduce those who offer it. Easy to give, he accompanies men on a daily basis and is doing in all circumstances, work out at the restaurant through family meals or shopping sprees. This precious gift will pleasantly surprise the person who you will offer it and will mark a special occasion. A basic that don’t get style ever, and will accompany him for many years: the Paris Yorker cashmere sweaters are made to last!