Men’s Shirt Without Error: Tips to Choose the Right Size

Many men have doubts on the purchase shirts and t-shirts, and strongly present in the wild-card pieces day after day, the items need to be careful at the time of use, to have a trim lined and elegant.

Clothing, accessories, footwear and other add-ons require attention when the subject are the dimensions of the piece. A bad choice made compromises an entire production and ignore that detail just makes you buy pieces you simply won’t use.

Want to avoid headaches at the time of dressing? Here hyperrestaurant presents some tips for you to choose the perfect size for your body type.

3 Things About Size Of Shirts And T-Shirts That You Need To Know


The basic rule for t-shirts is: parts cannot have more than 1 centimeter of belly showing to stretch your arms to the sides and top.

As the modeling vary from brand to brand, the most important thing is that you know exactly what are your measurements. That way, you can make a comparison and avoid inconvenience in the future. Measure the length of your arms, shoulder-width apart, chest and waist.

Polo Shirt

The model used by the male audience requires extra attention, especially the white pieces. As it is a piece that needs to be well aligned and uniformly, the seam of the sleeve must stay on top of the shoulder. The sleeves may not be tight or loose it is essential that there is enough space for the natural movement without restriction or very fabric.

The trunk of the polo shirt should not back off of your body more than three to four centimeters. The item is a classic and totally timeless, but as used in an inadequate size, can be a bad choice.

Social Shirt

The shirt also has their social circumstances: the handle must be fair enough that the sleeve does not keep slipping beyond the limit, covering the wrist. The torso of the shirt has to be well seated social without tugging the fabric. Make sure there are plenty of open spaces between the buttons, and if the side seam is straight.

The collar should have the ideal size for that tie the not and need to have a sufficient space to place one finger between the shirt and your neck.

My Clothes Fall Super Bad. What Should I Do?

The worst thing in the world is to have a closet full of pieces that you can’t use.The solution is simple: get rid of them! More worth reinvesting in the collection than feeling bad inside the clothes, doesn’t it?

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