Men’s Fashion: Military Style

The Military Look

No, do not worry men, your “Bundeswehr outfit” can continue to dust in the cellar. The Military Look uses only a few elements and cuts, such as the double button bar or shoulder appliqués (also to be seen by designer “Maison Martin Margiela”). In any style direction this look can not be pushed, it can be worn very casually, but also more strictly. But that depends on you, which corresponds more to your type!

The Colors Of The New Season

The colors that determine this style are, of course, covered in the autumn/winter season. Beige-, green-, yellow-and black-tones in various variations leave a lot of room for wild combinations. Past trends can be absorbed and combined. With camouflage designs of the 90er man should be very careful!


Links around! -Already in the basic service we learned why good shoes are important. But boots have long been an integral part of the men’s fashion. In military style, it is mainly the high boots that are used. I’ve already bought the Paladium boots from Neil Barrettlast year , which fit perfectly to this trend.

Peter Parka

In the men’s fashion long forgotten, the “Parka for men”! He was always considered functional, and less than stylish. But in military style he can play his strengths and can be combined wonderfully based on Clothingexpress.
It is not only nicely casual, but also keeps you warm in cold days, for example, the Parka by the “Hemlock Jacket Army” element, which is already available for almost 160€ at With a good winterjacke you should not save.


But also new emerging trends in the fashion world, such as thechino pants or carrot pants, find their place in the military style.Matching colors like olive, or gray, casually slightly rolled up and put into the boots make the look fashionable. The color of the pants should, however, be matched with the boots, because tone-in-tone is also considered in the men’s fashion as quite boring and then seems almost too uniform.


…you do not want to go through the coming season. For this I recommend the “Bretonblock” T-shirt for warmer days . Because both Bretonblock shirts, as well as sweaters are absolutely in the trend and men should definitely have back in the closet! For colder days, you can go back to the style as you like, on washed-out sweaters in the “used look”. Best for those who even have leather patches on the elbow.

The Eye For Detail

Now you really have a complete military style. But in the fashion world there are also increasingly more accessories, which must be discovered and only waiting to be involved. For this you can use Opas & Oma’s wardrobe. Maybe you’re lucky and will find a nicelinen backpack, or an old leather bag. Even old leather belts or watches can be worn very well and give the entire style something more “authenticity”. Just try to find what you can find!

In general, I like the autumn/winter season, when it comes to men’s fashion. It is more diverse, more detailed and every year something special. Especially during an unstable summer like this year, I am looking forward to the always reliable winter!
I will be looking at the Military Style at the latest after this article in any case and will tell you about further discoveries!