Men’s 5000m Speed Skating Sochi

Every year break again exciting times and skating again organized to get to prove who’s the best skater or skaters from the Netherlands and the world. Therefore, from boxing day 2013, Thursday 26 November, held at the Thialf ice rink in Heerenveen, the Dutch Federation Qualifier. During the tournament in which the initial state to serve for the European Championships Allround, the World Sprint CHAMPIONSHIPS and the Olympics. For most riders and skiers is to earn a ticket to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi than the primary focus during this tournament. No wonder, therefore, that the Dutch Federation Qualifier although Skate is called the Olympic qualifying tournament in december 2013. The Olympic qualifying tournament will open on Thursday, December 26 at 15:30. Towering favorite for the distance at 5000 meters, the two Frisians Sven Kramer and Jorrit Bergsma.

ijsstadioen Thialf Heerenveen

Sochi Olympic Skating Tournament

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be from Friday, February 7 until Sunday 23 February in the Russian resort of Sochi. From Saturday, Feb. 8, will be at the Ice Arena, the stadium has Adler Sochie specially built for the Winter Olympics, the Olympic tournament ice skating. The opening game of this tournament is five kilometers for men.
Dutch participants
Netherlands, three skaters delegations to the Olympic five kilometers in Adler Arena in Sochi. The skaters for the Netherlands to take part in 5000 metres at the Olympic Games in Sochi will be determined during the 5000 metres at the Olympic qualifying tournament. This sixteen riders will compete for the top three positions. Initially, a position in the top three is also good for delegates to the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Only number three at this distance may even fear that he will be forced to surrender its ticket yet again.
Performance Matrix
Netherlands is allowed in the men’s short distance four skaters to participate in the Olympic Winter Games. For the 5000 metres and 10000 metres money up to three Dutch riders.
An extra line on this is that there is a maximum of ten different Dutch men may participate in the Olympic tournament. This may mean that at the end of the Olympic Qualifying Tournament over yet more men have earned an Olympic start point, then officially participating in the games in Sochi. Therefore, the Dutch Federation a special aanwijsvolgorde is created, called prestationsmatrisen. This is a mathematical calculation. The arithmetic has the objective to mathematical model for calculating the probability of success of the Dutch. This model is built and compiled by the Dutch skating results achieved by the skaters and skiiers during skating season 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. Use the performance matrix was a distance determined where the Netherlands has the highest medal chances. The greater the chance a medal, the higher position on aanwijsvolgorde. 5000 m men occupy a high position in this performance matrix. The number of one of the 5,000 metres at the Olympic Qualifier will take second place at the performance matrix. The number two of the 5000 metres in October is placed in fourth place of performance matrix. As a result, numbers 1 and 2 in the 5000 metres on October safe to participate in the games in Sochi. The number three of the 5000 metres in October will be the eleventh place on the performance matrix, which reduces the risk of participating in the Olympics is very high. Only when there are no riders would be so for several stretches, then the skier with the eleventh position at the 5000 metres are covered by the Winter Olympics could be in jeopardy. Would Jan Blokhuijsen, Koen Verweij not an individual must put aside, so that they still have a chance to win a aanwijsplek for the team pursuit.

Favorites 5000 metres Men

Jorrit Bergsma When we look at the results of last season and the preseason, then watch Sven Kramer and Jorrit Bergsma or give them a lot of chances for Olympic Qualification. To third place seems to fight:

  • Koen Verweij
  • Jan Blokhuijsen
  • Bob de Jong
  • Douwe de Vries

The battle for third position seems to be a very exciting fight. This is because Jan Blokhuijsen showed during the World Championships in Berlin that he managed to find their form. Bob de Jong appeared in this race just to be completely out of shape, but has been common in the past that he can peak at the right time.
Koen Verweij has mainly been observed that 1000 metres in length and focus on 1500 metres, but on good days, he can also make the 5000 metres for a positive surprise.
Dutch WORLD CUP results
In the overview, you can see the Dutch during the World Championships in the Olympic season for a top six have achieved note. It should be noted that not all drivers have come into action at every World Cup.