Meizu Pro 6 Join SoC 6GB RAM Samsung 8890 Exynos

Meizu is another of those who join the crest of the wave of the 6 GB RAM that has opened the Xplay 5 live, because all indications are that one of its launch this year will come with all the latest technology. The Meizu Pro 6 you are gaining strength with each new filtration or rumor.

In particular, the information coming from China speaks of a launch in two versions of different power, a technique that is becoming more common and which allows to copy more ranges, specifications and price, with a single image campaign. On the one hand, the top with those 6 GB RAM and 128GB of storage, and by other less loaded, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of space. In both cases, processor Samsung as a guest at the party.

If you have been aware of the rumors about the East project have read that rumors suggest that Meizu Pro 6. mount a SoC Samsung 8890 Exynos. It is the one just released the Galaxy S7 and S7 in much of the world sharing market with models that mounted the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. And, in addition, it presents its own advantages.

Curve and with 3D Touch screen

This phone will also have a display with curved edges, provided all these images and renderings that have emerged to date are legit. This piece also comes from South Korean rival? This more central oval button element and circular no give an appearance more similar to the Galaxy, a little less close to the iPhone which have both wanted to look like all Chinese manufacturers in hardware and software design.

Without, however, what if is confirmed is its 3D Touch, i.e., touch resistance levels. Own Vice President of the company, Yang Yan, confirmed it and even spread an image of its implementation on Weibo. Tracing to Apple, the contextual menu of pressure emerges with its options and the background is blurred.

Not to be confused with its mBack button, this central connector that makes one thing or another depending on how much pressure him who taught us the Meizu M2 Note. Is also expected to have Hi-Fi 3.0, load battery super fast and the 6.0 version of your OS Flyme, which probably Debuts before the telephone.

Meizu is not doing both noise and other young Chinese companies as Xiaomi or OnePlus, while in 2015 they launched campaigns on the fly to sell 20 million smartphones. Reaching Europe officially is a step forward but has to adapt the product a little more if they want to compete against everyone, as it seems that they could do by pure hardware.

For this year are expected at least two devices accompanying Pro 6, a Meizu MX6 SoC helium X 20 from MediaTek which we have already had some weight and a mid-range filtration. They will be two good thermometers to see if this 2016 will have good raw material that keep fighting pending that confirmation is as spectacular finale.