Meet the Umbrella 100% Recyclable Lightweight

The umbrella for many people is a mystical utensil, with a supernatural gift of being forgotten, not to mention that it has not evolved over time, there have been few improvements of the original design. In fact the changes made the umbrella lighter, fainter and cheaper. Currently for 5 reais you can buy a new umbrella, which really works leaving the rain outside, but in case of strong wind, it self destroys and ends up in the trash.

The Italian Federico Venturi thought about it, instead of throwing it in the trash he could simply be recycled into another umbrella. From this idea was born the Umbrella Ginko, a project that is designed to eliminate some of the nine hundred million metal umbrellas that end up in landfills in the world each year.

According to Venturi, each Umbrella Ginko element would be made of recyclable polypropylene, including the yarn on which the cover is made and the yarn used to make the seam, also the staples used to close it.

Help the project by funding these umbrellas as chic furniture.