Meet The New Android Settings Menu N

Is little talk of it, but with every new version of Android should always keep an eye on changes in the Settings menu because it is a place that you will spend many times throughout your relationship with that operating system. Well, perhaps this time less thanks to the opening of the speedy adjustments developers will bring Android N.

The big news, which had been strained before his final revelation, is the Hamburger menu to facilitate mobility between sections without having to spend as much time on the central screen. There are also some reordering of the elements and a few refinements of style.

Hamburger menu

It is that which is displayed from left to right in a floating fashion on the content from the button shape of three horizontal stripes It is located in the top right. It offers quick access to the same subtopics that are on the main settings page from any screen. The contents are divided into the same four sections: wireless connections and networks, device, personal and system.

It is not the first time that Google uses this type of presentation. Been used in the majority of its applications like Gmail, photos, documents, Keep or Google + Android. It has also been adopted by web designers as a way to make it more accessible to different categories of content for mobile browsing.

There is little difference in terms of paragraphs. By the time we know the separation between “Sound” and “Notifications”, Since each time there are more channels than the hearing to receive them, and the inclusion of ‘Play and pay’ on the main page. We already know that phones replaced more and more credit cards and should be enforced.

Even simpler visual style

Little changes with respect to the style, that can even pass for being the same at a glance. Paying attention to detail, there are two differences. The first is on the main page of the menu settings lost wispy grey horizontal lines separating until Marshmallow each concept within a section, and the second is that the sections are no longer watertight boxes they reveal a Fund among them, but that they are divided only by a thin line.

Surprisingly this new style only applies to the main settings screen. In each subemenu, as for example this internal storage–> applications, the presentation remains exactly the same. I guess that change will come in one of the reviews planned for this spring and at the end the entire presentation will be unified under the new model.

In general, Android N arrives with a menu of continuity in terms of organization and more agile in design Thanks to the Burger menu. So no it should be assumed no headache, and less if the quick settings save us a few trips this time.