Meet Jewelry Trends for Winter

Just like the clothes, the shoes and the colors have trends that come and go, the glamorous world of jewelry also passes through a lot of changes.

If you like to keep what is up at stations and does not relieve the use of jewelry and the like to increment the looks, check out jewelry trends now with softwareleverage!

Overlapping necklaces

Overlapping collars reigned in the major catwalks around the world making it clear that this will be a strong tendency for the jewelry and accessories in this winter of 2016.

In the overlays appeared mixtures with pearl necklaces – the traditional that never goes out of style-with metal collars and links. A touch of Gothic style also emerged in some brands that have opted for use of necklaces with pendants of abstract images and the use of very dark rhodium and other accessories in black.

The interesting thing about this trend is that every woman can express your own style, combining necklaces that best combine themselves in time to make the overlap. And when that trend pass, you will still have a beautiful collection of necklaces beautiful to use.

Pearl necklaces jewelry trends

Despite pearls never out of fashion due to your class and femininity, they have never been emerging as this winter of 2016.

In several parades of large brands the pearls were seen, both in more shorts, like necklaces in necklaces longer, with large pearls, small and of all sizes.

Pearls are basically the play Joker of your door-jewels, worth investing in them since they never go out of fashion.

Different earrings

You know that pair of earrings identical? You can leave it in store this winter 2016 because the trend is the use of earrings differ from each other. That’s right!

Early in the year we have seen that this fashion was on when the actress Saoirse Ronan paraded by the Oscar red carpet wearing earrings differ from each other.

The jewels were brand Chopard, both of white gold, however one of the earrings was the colour white with pearls, and the other was green in color with jadeites and emeralds.

Individual earrings

For those who don’t feel comfortable in using two different earrings, there’s another new feature: the individual earrings are back, and this time bigger, full of forms, with rings and ear cuffs.

Apparently, use the earrings in one ear only is a trend that has arrived in full force at the station. The trend was seen primarily in parades in London and later confirmed in Paris, when several brands backed the earring in one ear only.

Asymmetrical earrings

For those with a little more than daring to use not only a pair of earrings of different colors, but a pair of asymmetrical earrings, this is a trend that also comes with strength.

In many parades were seen pairs of earrings very different from each other, both in size and shape, although it followed a same reference. It seems that the earrings are accessories of time this winter 2016!

Bracelets over the sleeves

If you thought the bracelets would be retired this winter because of the use of long sleeves, you were wrong! This year a trend that comes calling much attention is the use of bracelets over the sleeves of blouses, sweaters and etc.

In addition to the win far more evidence bracelets this winter, the chicks will be able to get even more charming without having to hide the accessories.

This winter has arrived full of charming jewelry trends to offer more glamour to the most elegant station of the year. And you, what do you think of these new trends? Leave your comment!