Medion P9514 P7331: Cheap 7 Inch Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Customers who are flirting with the 60-Euro Tablet fire from Amazon, should take some extra money in your hand and the Medion P9514 P7331. It has a better display, offers more facilities, works faster and does his battery with eight hours and five minutes, about 30 minutes longer without plug. Order this product at Amazon low price Pro knapp acceptable battery life, but expandable memory (microsd 32 GB in the package) light construction infrared transmitter against some low speed moderate camera quality only Wi-Fi n UMTS, LTE and NFC missing mark of the editorial 3.40 satisfying user rating now assess a Tablet image due to its very low price stood out in the major comparison test by our site: the Amazon fire for 60 euros. Because the device is slightly clunky, heavy and slow, his display no brilliant image delivers, it was enough only for the touch enough for a 60-Euro Tablet performance was but okay. The Tablet P9514 P7331 is considerably more expensive, but still cheap: Medion estimated for the 7-inch device with Android’s 5.0 129 euros. The better choice?

Medion P9514 P7331: product photos and screenshots

18 product photos and screenshots Medion P9514 P7331 viewing

Chubby, but slightly

The Tablet comes from the Aldi suppliers Medion, which majority is one of the world’s largest PC maker Lenovo for 2011. At the first touch of the Tablet’s high-quality impression, it sits comfortably in the hand and carries a fine aluminum cover at the back. With 8.7 mm, the P7331 is quite thick, with 273 grams for a 7-inch Tablet weight but is in order. Comparison: Amazon’s fire is with 10.8 mm much chunky, with 314 grams significantly heavier.

Display very neat

Also the display provides a significantly better image quality compared to Amazon’s fire: it showed in the test vacation pictures and movies thanks to the higher resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) with better focus and acceptable contrast. The maximum brightness is enough with 451 candela per square meter for the film look in outdoor. Colors could be stronger the Medion show.

Old cameras

Customers can expect too much from the camera attached to the back: slightly blurred customize photos with 1.92 megapixels, videos are accompanied by a slight noise (0.92 megapixels). The lens accommodated for Selfies and video calls via Skype on the front has the same characteristics as the main camera: also absorbs photos with 1.92 megapixels slightly out of focus, videos are also provided with a slight noise (0.92 megapixels).

The best tablets

Leaderboard: tablet computer

Not outstanding battery life, but okay

In the test, the battery of the P9514 case of intensive use for eight hours and five minutes provided energy , low usage it was 23 hours and 13 minutes. Ordinary are that, even if no outstanding values. But that the Amazon fire turned the Medion loosely in the shadows, (seven hours and 24 minutes, and 21 hours and 38 minutes).

Pace of work well, fine facilities

Customers may expect not too much even when the pace of work: the Intel processor offered enough pace, but patience is required as when downloading a photo with the app Photoshop Express with associated filter. For day-to-day business (Internet surfing, read Facebook messages, reading) the speed is always high enough. The equipment is more than OK for a tablet of this price class: the Tablet is already working with the Android version 5.0, the fairly tight with 8 gigabytes memory can be expanded via microsd card a 32-gigabyte memory card is included. Infrared is the P9514 as a remote control, but only for TV, radio, receiver of Medion.

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