Market for Male Beauty Products

The cosmetics industry is increasingly tuned them: the men. L’Oreal itself has a line of its own: the Men Expert.

L’Oreal brings as the new star of his campaign line the actor Hugh Laurie, who plays the character Dr. House, the most famous television series of the same name of the United States. At the age of 51 years, he becomes the ambassador of L’Oreal Men Expert.

In recent times, campaigns for beauty products are bringing people with “real faces”. Laurie is not the stereotype commonly used in beauty: men extremely muscular, young and “faces of models”.

Hugh Laurie told the Daily Mail:

“At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized that the L’oreal wasn’t looking for models, but for people with strong personalities, who are not afraid to proclaim that the use of cosmetics can be a very male decision”.

Take a peek on the preview with Hugh Laurie (loved it!):

Particularly, I like the idea of ordinary people (at least common face) to sell cosmetics.

It doesn’t have to be any anthropologist to understand that consumers can identify more with the real beauty of a guy like Hugh Laurie with a model all pied in an advertisement. If it is really a part of the company’s philosophy, the marketing is another.

The concern with beauty is no longer taboo for the man. There’s nothing to be vain and like to take care of. There’s even a site of beauty back to serve only the male beauty site. Men need more space to express your beauty.

What do you think of Hugh Laurie – Dr. House -in that commercial?  We want to know what you guys think!