Mark van Bommel Bayern Munich

On 8 August 2008, it was announced that Mark van Bommel finally becomes the new leader with his German Club Bayern Munich. The Dutch midfielder by coach Jürgen Klinsmann was appointed as successor to the padded goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and also be retained under Dutch coach Louis van Gaal his captain. Writerandus saw a great opportunity to delve into the history of the “Bayern” and looked for you the famous list of what Van Bommel should go. Since the promotion of the football club Bayern München Bundesliga, 14 players have been the next brilliant Captain:

1965-1970: Werner Olk

Born in 1938, was called “Adler von Giesing. Won the European Cup in 1967 with Bayern II.

1970-1977: Franz Beckenbauer

“Der Kaiser” won as captain and winner of Bayern Munich three times in the European Cup in 1974 and 1990, both as a player and coach soccer world champion. Beckenbauer was acting in 2006 Chairman of the Organization of the World Cup.

1977-1979: Sepp Maier

Brilliant goalkeeper, was world champion in 1974 with Germany. 1978 received the title “German goalkeeper of the century”. A car accident in 1979 ended his active career as a player.

1979-1979: Gerd Müller

Lethal striker, scored in the World Cup final in 1974, the winning goal against the Netherlands. Walked in the form of nearly 1 goal in his career at 1. Gerd Müller, also known by the nickname “der Bomber”, exchanged for United States Europe in 1979.

1979-1980: Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck

Typical no-nonsense Defender, was known for simple soccer style. Also won the Beckenbauer & co. three times and Germany WORLD CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS with. Schwarz Beck ended his career at the age of 32 after an injury.

1980-1983: Paul Breitner

Famous football player, was known for his rebellious behavior and inflammatory statements. Mainly played as a midfielder, having previously in the seventies acted as an emerging Defender. Breitner was active from 1971-1975 and 1981-1982 for the German national team.

1983-1984: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Known attackers, was known for strong dribbling. Elected several times as the European Footballer of the Year. Bavaria is trading in 1984 to Inter Milan. Rummenigge is now Chairman of Bayern Munich.

1984-1991: Klaus Augenthaler

Strong defender, who also impressed in the attack with a shot and a nice free kick. Often played as a libero, after his career as player coach at several clubs in the Bundesliga.

1991-1994: Raimond Aumann

Talented goalkeeper, 1988 the first goalkeeper for Bayern after Jean-Marie Pfaff had left the Club.Received the mocking nickname “Balu” because an early obesity, was at the 1990 World Cup, second choice in the German team behind Bodo Illgner.

1994-1997: Lothar Matthäus

Known libero, which originally started as a midfielder. Won the Championship title in 1990 in Germany with Bayern and was seven times German champion. But never won the European Cup. Lothar Matthäus, during his playing career unloved in the Netherlands because of some “schwalbes” against Dutch clubs, has since 2001 been the coach of several clubs and national teams.

1997-1999: Thomas Helmer

Great defender, played for the Club from 1992-1999. In 1996, European champion with Germany and won several league titles with Bayern. In 1999, moved to England, which failed. Now works as a sports journalist.

1999-2002: Stefan Effenberg

Talented, but still controversial German midfielder, became famous when he raised his middle finger at the 1994 World Cup to the German fans. Effenberg was a gifted leader who got so many yellow cards.Effenberg also left out a few times in the news because of the insult and abuse.

2002-2008: Oliver Kahn

“Oli”, “King Kahn” and Genghis Kahn “was the nickname for this illustrious goalie, who ended his career in 2008. Was named best player of the 2002 World Cup, despite a blunder in the final against Brazil.Oliver Kahn played over 14 seasons for Bayern to come true after past Karlsruhe.

2008-2011: Mark van Bommel

In the middle of many born 1977 is the first foreign captain of Bayern Munich. Won, after several seasons at PSV in 2006 with FC Barcelona to the Champions League. Mark van Bommel played since the season 2006-2007 in Bavaria and explained, after a conflict with coach Marco van Basten will become available in 2008 for the Dutch team, led by father Bert van Marwijk. Even among the Dutch coach Louis van Gaal was Mark van Bommel in the successful season 2009-2010 Captain “Bavaria”. In the beginning of 2011 Van Bommel left for AC Milan, after Munich the Club had attracted the Brazilian Luiz Gustavo from Hoffenheim.

2011-????: Philipp Lahm

Louis van Gaal appointed Philipp Lahm beginning in 2011 until the new wearer of the captain’s armband.