Manicure Ideas for Summer

From coral to deep reds, manicure summer 2016 is “red” and sensuality . The range of shades this season is very rich, from bright to dark cherry raspberry, passing on amaranth to the coral and orange fluorescent.

The shade that is always good

Make no mistake your choice, there is a color that is always good, a shade that can not miss or enamel shades nell’iconica “Valentino red”.

For tanned skin

With a tan decided the best choices are the coral and scarlet, deep colors and transparencies.For lovers of the darker glaze a shade of raspberry variety is a good choice. See more about vintage manicure on

The colors for fair skin

For fair skin or those who prefer the so-called tan moon, the most suitable glazes are amaranth, sangria, cherry, bright burgundy.

Nail art and liveliness

The orange, even in fluorescent or pop versions, it is very trendy for this summer 2016. The coral color is one of the most used for nail art, from color blocking to the rows, alternating with white, up to the contrasts in the colors gold or bronze.