Makeup Tips to Make Your Face Look Finer

Tips on how to do your makeup to make your face look thinner

Many women always want to be beautiful and elegant for all occasions, especially for parties or shelves and bars, always having many new make-ups for every time they can be well with themselves, the most used make-up today is the makeup to make the face thinner and elegant stay alert to step-by-step makeup tips to leave the thinner face that will help you feel better about yourself, always with new and stylish makeup so you always look beautiful for any occasion.

Makeup tips to make the face thinner are many with many models and different styles The makeups are very easy to do and you can do in your own home the makeup tips to make the face thinner is the makeup that comes out the most and is always with many women of all ages using see step by step now.

First use a base of the tone of your skin, uniform the face, disguising dark circles or other imperfections, the compact powder should be darker, use below the cheekbones, with a brush, mark a line from the cheek to the ear, let the natural look, smudge the powder, pass the blush over circular cheekbones to the temples on the jaws, gently tracing the outline of the face, finish with the illuminator on top of the cheekbones and now for To thin the nose, it is necessary to use a thin brush or bevel, spread the darkest compact powder on the sides of the nose, from the eyebrows to the tip, where the compact powder passes, to leave the natural makeup, to finish, apply the illuminator in the center of the nose, these were the makeup tips to make the face thinner.

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