Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

Contrary to what is believed, expressive eyes are easy to apply, in addition to deemed sophisticated. Get out of your eyes with these simple tips from makeup for big eyes.

It recognizes the shape of your eyes

At a glance you notice that your eyes are very large but do you know the form of the same? Almond-shaped features, drooping eyes, bulging eyes; they are all different. However, the key to success will depend on as makeup them and not so much in and hide their size.

A big advantage that have large eyes is that you can alter its shape with makeup and still look stylish and proportioned. Unlike the small eyes, hardly the shadows game showing.

Makeup for the day

The general rule: shadows matte in earth tones (taking into account the color of your eyes and skin). Commitment to give depth to the eye although shadow coffee half and don’t forget to give a delineated lightweight, also with shadows, in your lower lashes.

Look for those brands with pigmented tones, for example, Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow Collection.

Be careful to use very dark colors when you want to look natural – remember that if they are not well applied your eyes can look sad or rounder. Doing the depth in the crease of the eye, be sure to be in “V” shape in order to lengthen your gaze.

It curls your lashes and ends with mascara. If your eyes are round or fallen, apply the pestanina to the sides to make the eye look more awake.

Makeup for the night

Paramount is to shade the eye to give a nice shape. Following Matt shadows rule, it attempts to recreate a makeup smoked with black tones, coffee, dark blue or grey lead. Once again, defined the fold to form a “V” and not asturians lower eyelashes with color.

If the outlined are your thing, try a ‘cat’s eye’ subtle – the difference is to that here you must outline at the top and at the bottom so that they look larger. To give more definition to your eyes, choose to paint the tear around the eye with a pencil type black Kohl, as Physicians Formula Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio (tip: this also gives you a few eyelashes more rank )!).

To outlining all the eye, especially if they are bulging. The exception comes when your eyes are round or fallen – for such situations, outlines of half out. Finish with black mascara waterproof.

It coordinates with the rest of your face

Eyebrows are important if you are trying to conceal large eyes. Plucking them so angular and defined with a pencil in the same tone of your hair –if they are very thin, your eyes will be more vast.

Are your cheekbones high or your very small Chin? It perfects the shape of your face with makeup so that your eyes are not ‘main attraction’. Another trick is to apply bronzing powders or blushes dark in the bone of the eye, creating a kind of shading.

Learn to master the world of Correctors and how to apply them. A concealer light or tone which is not, will only increase the size of your eyes. As for lips, best thing to do is to fill them with just the right touch of color – dyes lipsticks such as Laura Mercier Lip Stain or Vincent Longo Lip Gel Stain are ideal.

Avoid them!

Ladies with large eyes do not need to fill their eyelids shiny or frosted shadows, on the contrary. Prevents shades too light or pastels, as well as dark shadows without definition. No eyeliner strident as green, turquoise, gold, or silver, much less if you apply it around the entire eye.

Prevents false eyelashes exaggerated, eyebrows type wire or heavy lipstick. Most of the makeup artists recommend to give a point of light in the corner of the tear to give opening to the eye; in your case, it is counterproductive. If your skin is mature or have bags under the eyes, it’s not make the lower lashes. Do you feel that your eyes looks naked without that delineated? Draw a line with dark brown shadow and blend very well.

It is recommended that the mask that you use is to give volume instead of length. When the tabs are very long, usually ‘open’ the eye making it big.